It’s the beginning of January, which means we haven’t yet given up on our New Year’s resolutions. We want to get our lives in order, cook healthier meals and go to the gym more. Well, we also recommend putting “be more creative” on your list this year. Being artsy will put you in a good mood, and being surrounded by bright and happy colors can’t hurt, either.

Plus, did you know that creativity is connected to:

  • Increasing happiness and reducing stress
  • Producing exciting and innovative ideas
  • Giving you a sense of accomplishment

So, let’s kick the year off right with 20 percent off ALL of our online classes. Yee-haw! Just use promo code NEWYEAR at checkout. But hurry! This offer is only available today (January 5, 2017) until 11:59pm PST.


Printmaking Online Class: In this beginner-level class, Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop will teach you how to mix inks, carve stamps and print with both monograph and collagraph techniques. Using your new stamps, you’ll be able to make custom wrapping paper, greeting cards and so much more!


Letterpress Online Class: If you’ve ever admired a letterpress invitation or greeting card, this is the class for you. Eunice Moyle, co-founder and creative director of Hello!Lucky in San Francisco, will teach you the basics of letterpress printing greeting cards at home. This includes how to custom make plates, mix inks and ink using a brayer. You can use your new letterpress skills to create business cards — so you can show, not tell, the world your creative chops.


Knitting Online Class: Not just for Granny anymore! Now you can knit some hand warmers and beanies for yourself. In this class, Jade Harwood, co-founder of Wool and the Gang, will teach you how to hold your needles, start a project, do basic stitches and fix mistakes. At the end of the class, you’ll walk away with a hand-knitted snood, so you can brave the rest of the winter in style.


Watercolor Painting Online Class: If you’ve been crushing on all the gorgeous watercolor paintings in your Instagram feed (and been more than a little jealous of the artists’ skills), look no further! Jenna Rainey, the mastermind behind Mon Voir, will teach you the fundamentals of watercolor. You’ll learn how to build a custom color palette and mix the paints to get the specific color you want, how to use different brush strokes for different shapes and specifically how to paint floral designs. At the end of the class, you’ll have a beautiful watercolor flower arrangement.


Sketching Online Class: If you don’t feel comfortable enough with your drawing skills yet to get into painting, you can start here! Instructor Mary Phan, the creative genius behind Very Mary Inspired, will teach you the basic techniques of sketching. You’ll learn how to properly hold your writing instrument, sketch different types of leaves and petals and create shadows and depth to give your work a three-dimensional look. At the end, you’ll have a gorgeous geometric floral piece to hang on your wall.

Don’t forget, once you buy a class with us, it’s yours fo-evah! So you can watch it whenever you have a hot second.

Show us your finished work by tagging us on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative.