Remember Cher’s iconic closet in Clueless? Yep, so do we. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have celebrity-style walk-in closets the size of an entire apartment. And with the cold weather upon us, it’s likely that our DIY scarf collections have overfloweth. Luckily for all you scarf enthusiasts, we’ve scoured online for some of the raddest scarf storage ideas so you can keep a tidy *and* functional space. From ladders to neat DIY hangers, here are 10 of the most creative ways to organize your scarves.


1. On a Line: Looking for an inexpensive (and totally Pinterest-worthy) way to organize your scarves? Make a scarf line using clothes pins and string to display your pretty collection. It’s simple and super chic. (via Angela Hardison)

Style By Emily Henderson

2. Under Wraps: While this picture shows scarves hung up on the wall, we also like the idea of having a basket for all your scarves under the entryway table. This way you’ll have a designated (and well-located) place to easily grab a scarf before you run out the door. (via Style by Emily Henderson)

Spark and Chemistry

3. DIY Shower Curtain Scarf Hanger: Don’t you just hate it when scarves slip off the clothes hanger? For a creative twist on the average hanger, this DIY utilizes shower curtain rings for scarf storage that stays put, so you’ll never worry about scarves slipping to the bottom of your closet ever again. (via Spark and Chemistry)


4. Storage Ladder: Whether it’s a vintage piece, a DIY or it’s meant as a storage ladder, this super on-trend scarf-holding ladder creates an awesome floor-to-ceiling display. (via Natalme)

Better Homes and Gardens

5. Pipe Up: PVC pipe is an easy way to organize scarves in drawers. Just cut the pipe to size, roll up your scarves, and voila! It’s a way neater (and easier!) alternative to folding up your scarves every day. (via Better Homes and Garden)

Live Simply By Annie

6. All Wrapped Up: Folding scarves doesn’t always pan out — they always seem to unfold and before you know it, they’re tucked in the back of the drawer or hidden under your clothes. Wrap scarves around a cut piece of cardboard for a truly organized drawer. (via Marilyn)

Home Crux

7. Pegboard: The pegboard is the answer to all your small space problems. Install one on your closet door or an unused wall for an easy storage solution that’s as stylish as it is functional. (via Home Crux)

Style and Shenanigans

8. Hats Off: And scarves on! Plenty of hat racks offer excellent hanging hooks for scarves. Check out thrift stores for a second-hand hat rack to hang up all your scarves and give your wallet a rest. (via Style and Shenanigans)

The Snug

9. Towel Bars: Attach towel bars on that awkward wall behind the bedroom door and be amazed at how it transforms the unused space. (via The Snug)

iHeart Organizing

10. Pant Hangers: When you’re a scarf fiend and your small closet needs to save on space, opt for pant hangers that can do double duty in holding your collection. (via iHeart Organizing)

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