It’s refreshing to see that so many bakers are stepping away from the buttercream roses and fondant decorations, however cool they may be, in favor of more unique desserts. From geode wedding cakes to watercolor frosting design, we’ve come pretty far, but a new trend is taking us even further. From the outer reaches of the galaxy to the center of the Earth’s core, science-inspired desserts are our new obsession. Whether you’re passionate about dinosaurs or the Andromeda galaxy, these 17 treats offer something for everyone.


1. Chocolate Chips Ahoy Dinosaur Cake: This towering chocolate cake is almost as majestic as the dinosaurs that decorate it. Crumbled chocolate chip cookies give it a prehistoric look that tastes like pure heaven. (via Butterlust)


2. Gel Electrophoresis Cookies: It may take a scientist to understand the process of gel electrophoresis, but anyone can enjoy these cookies. Hey, anything to make biology feel more accessible! (via Not So Humble Pie)


3. Galaxy Cake Roll: This cake is swirled with frosting, making each slice look like a whirling galaxy. Colorful stars and sprinkles complete the stellar look. (via The First Year Blog)


4. Blue Crystal Lollipops: To kids, these lollipops are made of beautiful blue crystal. To adults — well, if you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you’ll know what they bring to mind. (via 1 Fine Cookie)


5. Galaxy Cupcakes: Sometimes it’s hard to process the magnitude of the galaxy — or to finish an entire cake. These little cupcakes solve both problems. (via Sweetie Pie and Cupcakes)


6. Galaxy Jell-O: The best part of this Jell-O isn’t that it looks like outer space. It’s that it’s made in little jars, so you can grab and go whenever you’re having a galactic snack attack. (via Bakingdom)


7. Zodiac Constellation Cake: If you love reading your horoscope, this cake is for you. It’s decorated with the signs of the zodiac, and filled with a brightly colored space cake. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


8. Galaxy Macarons: Macarons can be fussy to make, but these are totally worth it. Not only are they as colorful as the stars themselves, but they’re also vegan, thanks to the use of aquafaba. (via Avocados and Ales)


9. Space Donuts: These donuts are vegan and baked instead of fried, so you get all the same sweet goodness you love without having to wipe oily hands on your jeans when you’re done. (via Blueberry Vegan)


10. Matcha and Coffee Rock Candy: Rock candy isn’t just for kids! It’s surprisingly elegant when flavored with matcha and coffee, and perfect for adult tastebuds. (via The Young Austinians)


11. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies: Making these cookies is a walk in the park. Just cut out your cookie dough, then let a dinosaur figurine do the rest of the work. (via Sugar and Soul)


12. Black Velvet Nebula Cake: When the phrase “too pretty to eat” was first uttered, it must have been about this cake. Decorated with dreamy, colorful galaxy formations, this cake should be in a museum, not on a dessert plate. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


13. Agate Cookies: For a dessert that’s extra fancy, try these agate cookies. Each one looks like a geode slice full of precious gems. (via Alana Jonesman)


14. Galaxy Bark: This recipe just goes to show that candy bark shouldn’t be relegated to the holiday season. It’s a sweet treat covered in edible glitter stars and pearl dust, perfect for sharing with your friends and family. (via MomDot)


15. Galaxy Popcorn: The next time you watch a space movie, whip up this treat. Popcorn is coated in candy and edible stars. (via Raising Whasians)


16. Galaxy Cookies: Glittering like the stars in the sky, these cookies can’t be beat. But they don’t just look pretty — they have a rich chocolate taste too. (via Sugar Spun Run)


17. Galaxy Layer Cake: For a more subtle star-tinged dessert, try this layer cake. It’s slathered with a purple cream cheese frosting, filled with blackberries, and covered with a scattering of glittering sprinkles. (via Sweetapolita)

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