Where people vacation is a *pretty* good indication of the general coolest places to be 鈥 even more so when it comes to specific neighborhoods. Because of the way their business works, Airbnb has a unique ability to analyze not only overall top travel destination trends, but also data about exactly where people like to stay. Of course, there will always be classic neighborhoods that never go out of style (like Soho in NYC and Chelsea in London), but in many cases, smaller trendy neighborhoods are where in-the-know travelers choose to lodge.

According to Airbnb鈥檚 data, the locales with the most booking growth in the past year have a few things in common. First, they have tons of great food options, which is pretty self-explanatory (#priorities). Second, they鈥檙e in urban areas, but not dense ones, so travelers are less likely to encounter crowds but can still easily access the city center. Lastly, they often have a decent amount of green space or park areas, making it v. likely you鈥檒l find an urban oasis when visiting these districts. After taking into account over 140 million guests鈥 bookings, these are the 鈥榟oods where Airbnb saw the most booking growth in the past year.


1. Milneburg, New Orleans, Louisiana: The top-trending community experienced 1,500 percent growth in 2016, making it a surefire hotspot this year. Just a short trip from the French Quarter but decidedly easier on the wallet, this charming area in Nola is definitely one to watch.


2. Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Known as a must-visit destination for foodies visiting Kuala Lumpur, Kampung Baru is less metropolitan than the downtown area and boasts a weekly night market that鈥檚 chock-full of local cuisine specialties.


3. Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia: Acknowledged as the first suburb of Melbourne, Fitzroy is getting the classic urban sprawl treatment: eclectic cafes, unique vintage shopping and an overall artsy-cool vibe.

4. Konohana-ku, Osaka, Japan: This area is awesome because it鈥檚 right on the river, meaning tons of opps for seriously pretty water views. It鈥檚 also close to Universal Studios Japan and just a short trip from Osaka鈥檚 city center.


5. Chutes-Lavie, Marseille, France: With gorgeous architecture and classic French cuisine to spare, Marseille is becoming a super popular travel destination. Chutes-Lavie is traditionally a residential neighborhood, but it鈥檚 been on the upswing lately due to its local charm.


6. Rockcliffe Smythe, Toronto, Canada: With an abundance of green spaces balancing its industrial vibe, Rockcliffe Smythe is a both affordable and scenic option for visitors to the Toronto area.


7. Midtown, Miami, Florida: South Beach might be the most luxe place to stay in The Magic City, but Midtown is quickly becoming just as desirable. While many of the places on this list are a bit out of the way, this neighborhood is right in the center of everything, making it crazy-convenient.


8. Narvarte, Mexico City, Mexico: Previously exclusive to locals, Narvarte is a place where travelers can get an authentic taste of Mexican culture 鈥 and food, obvi. It鈥檚 noted for its opportunities to score some of the city鈥檚 best tacos and then bar hop at hipster-friendly watering holes afterward.


9. West Seattle, Seattle, Washington: West Seattle is separated by water from the rest of the city, but it鈥檚 becoming a family-friendly haven, with stunning views to boot.


10. Usera, Madrid, Spain: An easy metro ride from the other trendy areas of Spain鈥檚 capital city, Usera is bustling with cute cafes and bars, yet it鈥檚 still a low-key place to set up shop for your stay in Madrid.


11. Din Daeng/Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand: Considering that Bangkok is on most travelers鈥 bucket lists 鈥 it鈥檚 got everything from amazing food to stellar nightlife and touristy sites that can鈥檛 be missed 鈥 it makes sense that new neighborhoods would start emerging as cultural centers in their own right. In Din Daeng and Huaw Khwang, two districts that are right next to each other, there鈥檚 less big-city pressure but no shortage of things to do.


12. Chippendale, Sydney, Australia: This once less-than-desirable area has been revitalized with the addition of parks, fancy hotels and top-notch restaurants, making it one of the best places to stay in Sydney.


13. Daehangno, Seoul, South Korea: This area used to house Seoul National University, and its main street is known as the spot for young people to be seen. That means the 鈥榟ood has become a cultural center, filled with shops, bars and even an impressive theater scene.


14. Lyndale, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Known for being relaxed, artsy and residential, this Minneapolis enclave is pretty centrally located, so you鈥檒l be able to quickly get where you need to be without have to shell out the cash to stay in the city center.


15. Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland: Home to Dublin鈥檚 huge and gorgeous main park, this area strikes a contrast with the rest of Dublin鈥檚 urban vibe. Word has it you might even encounter a deer or two if you stroll around long enough.


16. Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Argentina: A community centered around local markets and a whole lot of pride for area sports teams, Chacarita is a casual and homey place to make your base when you visit Buenos Aires. It鈥檚 very close to popular Palermo Hollywood, the hottest place to go out in the city 鈥 but you鈥檒l find that despite the proximity, this district is totally chill.


17. 沤i啪kov, Prague, Czech Republic: Cafe culture is a big deal here, so you鈥檒l have your pick of great places to eat and grab a cup of coffee during your stay. With its mix of historical sites and newer boutiques, bars and restaurants, you might not even bother to leave the neighborhood.

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