Packing light is not our forte, though not for lack of trying. The Scrubba just might be the thing we need to move us from giant-checked-bag-filled-with-shoes (and-outfits-to-match-every-pair) kind of people to itty-bitty-carry-on sort of people. Yes, we can all be the kind who can just grab a duffle and make it happen.

The Scrubba is the world’s smallest washing machine, allowing you to clean your clothes inexpensively and on the go. It’s super lightweight, so it’s great for traveling, camping and even the gym.

It’s small enough to stick in your back pocket, but it can wash 2-3 T-shirts in just a couple of minutes. The technology inside includes a flexible internal washboard, so all you have to do is add water and detergent, seal the bag and rub the clothes against the washboard from the outside for 30 seconds to three minutes (so quick!). Then you open the bag up, rinse the clothes and you’re all set.

The Scrubba saves a ton of room in your suitcase, which you’ll undoubtedly fill with souvenirs so much better than dirty clothes. When backpacking in Europe, you don’t have to worry about finding a laundromat. When camping in the northwoods, you can quickly wash your only pair of pants when you spill hot chocolate all over them. And when you pack for any trip, you can downsize to that smaller suitcase because you’ll be able to wash your clothes wherever you are.

It sounds like a great product, but we also love that the company’s giving back. During a trip to Laos and Cambodia, the founders were struck by the scarcity of clean drinking water, so they decided to dedicate a portion of their profits to charities that work toward making clean water accessible to everyone.

To learn more (or if you just want to listen to Aussie accents), check out this video!

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