If you’ve been rocking the same earrings all summer long and are ready spice up your jewelry box, studs are the way to go —excuse us — DIY studs are the way to go. We love that simple ear candy is trending right now because cute studs are not only fun to make, but they make great little gifts for all the special women in your life. From color blocked to glittery jewels, check out our 25 favorite DIY stud projects that you can definitely make.

1. Marble Jade Earrings: How lovely are these soft green beauties? By mixing in some gold clay while you’re marbling, you’ll get a pair (and a matching pendant) that looks much more expensive than it actually costs. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Faux Druzy Earrings: If you love the rough look of druzy stones but can’t really afford them right now, this super simple DIY will have your ears glittering in no time. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

3. Marc Jacobs Inspired Faceted Earrings: Use gold clay to make a copycat version of a designer pair. Or if you feel like a true remix, color ’em up with brightly colored clay. (via Dismount Creative)

4. Pretty Bow Studs: For the ultimate feminine touch, put a little tiny bow in your ear. These are so easy, you could make a set to match every outfit. (via Small Good Things)

5. Color Block Dot Earrings: You’ll never believe what these adorable little button earrings are made out of: wood furniture buttons and nail polish! (via In Honor of Design)

6. Hardware Studs: We never realized what a treasure trove the hardware store was until we did this jewelry DIY! (via Brit + Co)

7. Shrink Wrap Kitty Studs: The biggest question here is this: Should you leave the kitty studs white or paint little faces on them? You cold also use a similar technique to make little Ms. Pacman-inspired studs. (via The Pink Samurai)

8. 20 Minute Sculpey Studs: There is something very soothing about playing with clay so, if you’re like us, you’ll soon have a pair in every shape. Heck, you may want to get another piercing. #90s (via Brit + Co)

9. Faux Geode Studs: While these gold studs require a trip to the hardware store, the finished product is as prim and proper as can be. (via Adventures in Fashion)

10. Hexi Earrings: You’ll feel like a kid again when you’re molding your clay into pretty hexagon shapes to make these sleek studs. (via Crafted)

11. Swirled Cone Earrings: We can’t decide what we love more: The rocker vibe of these pointy earrings or the soft marbling effect of the colored clay. Luckily, we don’t have to choose! (via Brit + Co)

12. Two Tone Chevron Earrings: We can almost guarantee you already have everything you need to make these geometric beauties at home. (via Baisley and Noir)

13. Studded Earrings: Studs that are super pointy are very trendy right now, and fortunately they are also super easy to make. (via Swell Mayde)

14. Fabric Button Earrings: We love anything that can be repurposed, which is why these charming little earrings made out of buttons are one of our favorite things to give away as gifts! (via Brit + Co)

15. Knot Studs: These free-spirited lovelies look a little like nests, and they’re the fanciest (and tiniest!) nests we’ve ever seen! (via Dream a Little Bigger)

16. Mise-en-Dior Earrings: All you need for these tricky looking earrings is a set of studs and some plastic beads, and you’ll have yourself some trendy two-toned studs in no time. You could keep it classic with two pearls or mix things up a bit and add a pop of neon to your lobes. (via Hello Whimsy)

17. Glitter Hex Nuts: Even though these came from the hardware store, they definitely don’t scream out tough girl. Instead, a bit of glitter adds a festive amount of glitz to these surprisingly delicate studs. (via Cafe Craftea)

18. Front Back Dinosaur Studs: Now you can have some earrings that really roar! All you need to do is cut a rubber toy in half and you can have the whole zoo in your jewelry box. (via Something Monumental)

19. Nail Polish Colored Studs: You know those big sets of studs you can find for just a couple dollars but then you never wear them because the colors just aren’t right? Well now you can get the exact shade of earrings you want — you can even change the colors out seasonally without having to buy any more studs. It just takes a couple of shades of nail polish. (via My Garden Cherries)

20. Silver and Resin Earrings: Step away from the rhinestones and embrace your minimal side with these industrial glam studs. Not only do these earrings look ultra cool, they are also easy to make. (via Oh The Lovely Things)

21. Wire Hearts: Sweet and simple, these studs have a down to earth feel for those days you just want something effortless. We love the rose gold, but you could also make these with silver or colored wire for a whole set of love-liness. (via Hobzy)

22. Copper Bar Earrings: For the ultimate minimalistic pair, check out these elegant copper bar studs. Not only do they look incredibly chic and delicate in your ears, but they are literally one of the easiest DIYs ever — just cut and glue! (via Almost Makes Perfect)

23. Monkey Knot Earrings: Feeling a little knot-ical? How cute are these little knotted studs in all those bright colors? Instead of always shiny or sparkly, sometimes you want to rock jewelry that’s got nice and natural textures. (via Fall For DIY)

24. Glittery Thunderbolt Studs: Sometimes a girl has to embrace her inner Wonder Woman, and these bold studs will have you flying through your stressful day with the greatest of ease. Best of all, the total cost to make these is under $3! Win-win. (via A Beautiful Mess)

25. Clay Rose Earrings: Not only is this a DIY for some of the prettiest little flower studs you’ll ever make, but also included is a tutorial on how to make adorable earring cards with cardboard and washi tape, just in case you’re giving some away as gifts. (via Elm Street Life)

Would you try any of these handmade studs? Let us know in the comments below!