No longer just something you use to balance your eggs and toast on, lucite and acrylic trays are becoming a home decor staple — they’re much too pretty to use just for breakfast in bed! Imagine: If you don’t have the space or money for a bar cart, placing your cocktail essentials on one of these pretty trays has the same glamorous effect. Plus, you can use them to organize loads of other things things, from displaying perfume bottles and makeup on your dresser to corralling your coasters next to a stack of coffee table books on an otherwise plain table. Get your tabletops prepped for this latest home decor must-have after you scroll through these 11 cool and colorful decorative trays.

1. Captain’s Tray ($125): If you have more of a classic design aesthetic, a flat acrylic brass-handled tray will organize your living space without being too frilly. Plus it *looks* like it takes up zero desktop space (via A Cup of Joe).

2. Deny Designs Decorative Wooden Tray ($55): This posh tray will add a chic touch to your desk. Your pens, Post-Its and business cards will look way better stashed in here than in their typical growing, unkept pile.

3. Pink And Gold Acrylic Tray ($55 – $96): Special jewelry deserves the gold (and pink) treatment, so use this tray to display your most prized accessories.

4. Mirrored Jewelry Trays ($118): If you have a weakness for luxe designs, add this glamorous tray trio to your life. Their mirrored bases give the set a vintage-feel — now you just need the fabulous vanity to match!

5. Sienne Large Tray Black ($55): For a tray serving up some personality, pick something playful like this plastic tray. The punchy black and white print guarantees that whatever you place on it — from cocktails to cupcakes — will stand out.

6. Gold Dots Tray ($96): Hints of gold instantly upgrade a space without looking too showy. Place some delicate items like a vase of flowers on this tray and guests won’t be able to resist dishing out a compliment.

7. Honeycomb Print Tray ($56): As if you couldn’t tell from our logo, we love anything color blocked — this tray included. You don’t even need to color coordinate your beverage to match it (showoff) for it to stand out.

8. Polka Dot Lace Platter ($88): Whether you choose to keep this polka-dot platter in the kitchen or living area, this made-in-NYC stoneware tray is sure to turn heads.

9. Scribbled Crosses Tray ($64): We love how the neutral colors in this gray and pop-of-yellow tray will go with nearly any decor scheme, yet still look trendy. A+ for versatility!

10. Classic Acrylic Tray ($34 – $44): For a room that already has a lot of colors and patterns going on, stick with a simple acrylic tray. It adds to the room without distracting.

11. Doodles Tray ($30): A tray with a cutesy pattern adds a whimsical touch. This one is perfect for placing smaller items, like your mail or keys, and is sure to punch up your entryway.

What trendy home decor item is your latest obsession? Let us know!