When life’s a beach, it’s time to get a perfect beach bag. One of our favorite summer accessories is the oh-so adorable tote we fill with our sunscreen, towels and ice-cold water (because hydration is key, y’all). But why settle for plain canvas when there are tons of amazing, fashionable bags out there? That’s why we’ve tracked down this season’s best bags for your sunbathing pleasure.

1. Cotton Basket ($80): Let’s start off with this simple printed tote. This puppy is 100% organic cotton, and comes in both scallop and triangle prints.

2. Zara Perforated Tote ($60): Holy cow, we love this bag. And don’t worry about sand disasters, the inner lining will keep those granules out of your sandals.

3. Bold Abstract Geo Tote ($20): Be still our beating heart. We must make this printed Forever 21 tote ours.

4. Riviera Cotton Canvas Oversize Clutch ($438): Worth the splurge for the chic-factor alone, who says a beach bag has to be big enough for your towel?

5. Transparent Tote: You’re sure to see several of these clear bags around the beach this summer. We love the banana accessory. (via Lux + Concord)

6. Kate Spade Tropica Jezebel Bag ($596): We cried when this amazing pink flamingo number sold out in Kate Spade’s online store, but it has us thanking the lord for Ebay!

7. Frosted Plastic Shopper Bag ($38): We’ve never met a shade of mint we didn’t like, and this bag is no exception.

8. Beach Tote With Mat ($83): Ahoy! Gorgeous and functional, this nautical lemon-yellow beauty comes with a beach mat so you minimize the amount of sand in your suit.

9. Starlight Cutout Bag ($38): Whether at the beach or at the grocery store, this bag can stand out at any function.

10. Woven Bag With Beads and Pom Poms ($67): If you’d like to make a statement, this bag takes several trends and rolls them into one incredible product.

11. Sunshine Tote ($69): Who knew a canvas bag and a little dye could turn into the perfect summer accessory?

12. Clear Tote With Neoprene Pocket ($42): Neoprene is the jam this year, and this shiny tote will be the only thing we bring to the pool.

13. Matador Beach Bag ($225): This vibrant striped tote has a distinct Miami Beach vibe and we’re loving it.

14. Milo Beach Bag ($80): Knit bags are so hot right now, so why not choose one with a neon yellow handle?

15. DIY Honeymoon Beach Bag: For those times when you’re not willing to spend $200 on a beach bag, this helpful blogger shows you how to make it yourself! (via Something Turquoise)

16. Canvas Topographic Tote ($20): Canvas doesn’t have to be boring. This stenciled bag makes us want to go exploring.

17. Lizzie Bag by Tory Burch ($105): Tory Burch has done it again with this incredible bag. We think it’s worth every penny.

18. Shake Tote ($40): This innovative beach bag has a reversible flap pinned to either side, allowing you to reveal the inner netting and shake out the sand when your beach adventure is through.

19. Weekend Tote Kit ($25): Stripes and chevron together = our favorite combination ever.

20. Look Libby Straw Beach Bag With Coral Contrast Trim ($27): Lastly, you can’t be fab without a little sparkle. And this metallic tote features one of our favorite summer colors: coral.

Did we miss any of your favorite beach bags? Tell us about your shore thing in the comments.