Are you as color-crazed as we are? Whether we’re adding colorful cutouts to cookies, creating bold paper blooms, or making neon ribbon tape, we are all about making life more colorful. While scouring the web for color inspiration, we came across these 5 sites that let you search images, products, and artwork by color. Check ’em out!

1. Etsy Color: Did you know you can search Etsy BY COLOR? Neither did we!

This cool tool is more of an eye candy situation than a super helpful way of searching, but we’re sure you’ll uncover some gems you wouldn’t otherwise find.

2. Loverly: Wedding site Loverly knows how important your colors are. To search for DIY, style, and all sorts of decor inspiration for your wedding, simply search each of your wedding colors and you’ll find a treasure trove of goodness.

The site works like Pinterest or Svpply in that it simply shows you an image that then takes you to the original content.

3. Pantone Canvas: Pantone has teamed up with Behance to create Pantone Canvas, a color-sorted way of browsing artwork on the Behance network. Choose any color, vary it as much as you want, and revel in all the tangerine goodness. With the huge amount of artwork on Behance, this is also a great way to filter through and discover pieces you might never have found.

4. MulticolorEngine: Powered by 10 million Creative Commons images on Flickr, this color search is pretty darn cool.

Choose up to 5 colors that you want to see together in images, and this color tool will serve up as many photos as it can find. Such a great way to find photographic inspiration!

5. Colour Lovers: With a name like Colour Lovers you can bet this site will help you find colorful inspiration. The site itself is more about color palettes than straight up color search, but it has a great tie in with iStockphoto that searches stock images for whichever color you’re looking for.

How would you use these colorful sites? Have you stumbled across any other cool ways of searching images, products, and the like? Talk to us in the comments below.