Have you noticed the pretty paper flowers available at stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and even our favorite place to swoon, Anthropologie? Well, instead of spending $5 or more per flower, why not make dozens for way under $10?! For today’s installment of DIY Basics, we’ll show you how to create lovely blooms sure to brighten up any space. The best part? You won’t have to replace these flowers after a week!

 – cardstock in your choice of colors

– floral tape

– floral wire stems

– scissors and pencil

These are so easy and quick to make once you have a template drawn out. I picked one of my favorite spring flowers, anemones. Study the petal of your favorite flower and simply draw on a sheet of card stock.

1. Trace your template on your choice of colored cardstock and cut out.

2. Cut a little in between the petals so it’s easier to shape the flower, cup flower cutout in your hand.

3. Take a different colored cardstock for the stamen and cut strips halfway along the rectangle.

4. Roll the paper stamen on the floral wire.

5. Wrap with floral tape several times to secure.

6. Cut hole in center of flower shape and slide onto the floral wire. Add second flower cutout.

And you’re almost done. Open up the stamen center and pinch the petals to give it more realistic shape. So lovely!!

These darling flowers look great with more than one layer, it gives the illusion of multiple petals!

Group your flowers together and create a gorgeous little bouquet.

Or arrange paper flowers around your home or as a centerpiece for your next spring party, perhaps Easter brunch?

We love the idea of setting a single flower at each place setting as a favor to your guests.

What flowers will you make? When you are ready for a new set of flowers, don’t forget to recycle! ;)