Once upon a time, you could easily find people on Facebook with the social media giant’s own Advanced Search feature — but since then, Facebook has undergone multiple updates, including Graph Search, and straightforward Advanced Search is but a distant memory for us now. Graph Search, which rolled out in 2013, doesn’t give us the drop downs selections for search, but instead you have to type in stuff like “friends of Fred who like bananas” or whatever it is you want to look for. Complicated, right? Filmmaker Michael Morgenstern finally decided he’d had enough.


He decided to build his own Advanced Search, he named it “Search Is Back” and, lucky for us, he decided to share it with the world. The site (not to date myself) looks a lot like Facebook’s Advanced Search of yore. You can easily search among your friends or the Facebook user database as a whole with parameters like gender, orientation, relationship status, school, company and more. The best part is once you’ve input what you want to search for, “Search Is Back” will actually seamlessly take you back to Facebook and show you your search results.

Michael writes on his site that he “built this tool in my spare time, in part to open a discussion. Why doesn’t Facebook make it easy to find things we put on the site?” That’s a very valid question, Michael, and frankly, we don’t have the answer to that.

But in case you still want to search for friends who are interested in bananas, that can easily be done.

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