You’ve spent hours drooling over chocolate croissants and French girl style, but this Instagram account will have you rethinking the way you see the City of Lights. Offering a break from basic tourist snaps and travel blog-style shots, photographer Sebastian Erras puts his entire focus on the art of looking down.


Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift in perspective to offer a fresh look at the world. Erras hopes his photographs will inspire other people to view their city differently, or at least start to really pay attention to overlooked sceneries. Inspiration can be found anywhere, especially in less-than-obvious spots.


Erras titled his project @Parisian Floors, and each photo is a cropped image of his black shoes (although in true French fashion, striped shoes do make an occasional appearance) and the surrounding floor, which is usually an explosion of color. He was inspired to start the project after taking a trip to Morocco and falling in love with the mosaics. Maybe you’ll remember to take a peek down every once in a while. Just make sure your shoe game is on point.

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