Perusing the shoe collections from New York Fashion Week taught us that fringed flats, sculptural sandals and laced-up heels are in, and that there are an endless number of must-wear shoes in the shoe-niverse that we may never be able to try on in one lifetime — until now. A company called SoleScription is making binge-wearing the new binge-watching by offering you an unlimited subscription to a dream shoe collection curated by style experts.


SoleScription produces feel-good fashion that uplifts your feet, your bank account and society at large. To that end, their members-only, flat-rate shoe service doesn’t sell shoes to you like traditional retailers. Instead, it rents shoes out to you in unlimited style trends. While you might try on a pair of shoes at a retailer for mere moments before making an impulsive, costly shoe buy that you later regret, the benefit of SoleScription is that it allows you to test-drive different shoe styles before you make a commitment. This service is making it easy to moderate consumerism and reduce your carbon footprint at a bargain price of $49 per month.


When you sign up for SoleScription, you’ll complete a style quiz. The SoleScription’s stylists will use this to suggest shoes that fit your tastes. You can create a wish list of at least 20 shoes, from a selection of pre-worn or brand new flats, heels, boots and more that will make you feel like you’re in shoe heaven. After you’ve reserved your collection, you’ll receive one of the desired pairs by mail, which you can wear for as long as you’d like. When you’re done strutting your stuff, exchange the shoes by mail to receive another pair from your wish list. Shipping is free both ways. If you’re sure that you’ve found your sole-mate in any pair of shoes you receive, you don’t have to return them. You can buy the shoes at a discounted rate and enjoy a lifetime of happy feet together.

Buying a pair of shoes from SoleScription won’t just improve your sense of style, but the lives of girls and women around the world. When you purchase a pair of rental heels, SoleScription will make a donation to NGO partners around the world that work to improve opportunities for women. You can’t make a bolder fashion statement than that. Be sure to check out the SoleScription website to preview their collection and sign up for their service!

Would you be up for a binge-wearing session with SoleScription? Let us know in the comments below!

(Images via SoleScription)