If you鈥檝e ever had to stay late after work or gotten out of a movie late and felt slightly nervous walking to your car in a dark, empty parking lot, know that we鈥檝e been there. We鈥檝e shared our favorite wearables that鈥檒l keep you safe whenever you feel uncomfortable or in danger, and we鈥檙e excited to add one more to our list: Shadow.


Shadow is a small, clip-on panic button that immediately sends out an urgent text whenever you鈥檙e in trouble. The wearable is paired via Bluetooth to the Shadow app on your smartphone, so you can customize your messages and who receives them.

If you鈥檙e out on a run and getting nervous about making it home before dark, you can ping your bestie with a single click that鈥檒l send out a personalized, 鈥淚鈥檓 okay, but I鈥檓 starting to feel uncomfortable鈥 message. Or you can hold down the button to send out a super urgent call for help. Either way, Shadow will send your customized message along with your current location. When the text message is successfully delivered, Shadow will discretely vibrate.


Shadow鈥檚 creators have partnered with the Ella Mae Foundation, RAINN and the YWCA, all organizations that could utilize Shadow every day. You can choose to donate to those organizations with a pledge from Shadow鈥檚 Indiegogo page. Be sure to hurry over for their $25 early bird special, which gets you a Shadow of your very own.

Would you take your Shadow everywhere with you? Tell us your thoughts below!