Installation View_Can't Miss Lime

Artist Shawn Huckins鈥檚 Paint Chip Series may look like scenes painted directly onto the paint chips from your local home improvement store, but a closer look would reveal incredible, full-scale paintings. These paint swatch mimics are so exacting in their layout that they give a spark to the ordinary happenings painted onto them. The warm hues create a relaxing, unexpected background for the viewer, allowing a meaningful connection with the colors that we choose to decorate our living spaces with.

390B - The Peeker
490A - Flight

In these acrylic and enamel paintings, Huckins stages everyday objects and people against commonplace items. With this juxtaposition, the implications of our consumer culture and realistic photos resonate with a trick of the eye. Oh, and they also create a super artistic and totally hip color block style that we LOVE.

Shawn Huckins' Paint Chip series- 400B - The Conflict
Paint Chip
Shawn Huckins

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