We’ve swooned over high-tech fitness apparel before and while we’re still loving the trend, why limit advanced fabric technology to workout clothes? You do, after all, spend a third of your day in bed and we’re all about bringing new tech to our bedrooms. Enter Sheex, a “Performance Sheets” brand that brings the high quality, high tech of workout gear to your bed linens.

Sheex uses what it calls “Sleep Fit” technology to bring you what may be the best sleep ever. Based on the same tech your favorite Lululemon or Nike sweat-wicking workout gear has, this innovation allows you to stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is in your room. Their sheets are breathable and able to release trapped heat, making every moment of the night feel like you just flipped the pillow to the cool side—from head to toe. They also dry quickly, which means no sleeping in your own sweat (or your spouse’s sweat) on hot nights.

Did we mention they’re also super soft? This is a plus that makes the high tech fabric more suitable to bedtime. On top of that, they’re designed with a precision fit so you don’t end up with them all tangled up in the morning.

Oh, and the best part? The technology isn’t limited to just sheets! The brand also offers some pretty cute sleepwear and even a sleeping bag. Bring the comfy with you wherever you go!

A set of sheets will set you back between $160 and $220, depending on what size you need. That’s a bit on the pricey end for sheets, but well worth it if you have trouble sleeping in a warm bedroom or find yourself waking up sweaty more often than not. Just think about how many loads of laundry you might save ;)

We just ordered a set for ourselves and will be sure to report back once we’ve tried and tested these babies out. Until then, sweet (non-sweaty) dreams!

What do you think about Sheex? Would you spring for a pair? Tell us your thoughts, and share your best sleep tips, in the comments below.