We’ve got fifty shades of… you know… in our 50 Shades Collection. Okay, okay, it’s not quite as scandalous as you think. But with the new movie out, we couldn’t resist creating a color-themed collection inspired by the E. L. James trilogy.

So are you intrigued? Well, we’ve rounded up 14 of the most alluring shades of gray from the new collection. We’ve got candles, pillows, and leather jewelry for you, and tub elixirs and other handy items for the Christian or Anastasia in your life.

1. I F’N Love You Candle ($18 ): Don’t leave your SO guessing. Just let the candle do all the talking.

2. White + Gray Polka Dot Pillow ($44): Go ahead and keep whispering sweet nothings. Pillow talk never looked so pretty.

3. The Shot Flask ($25): Pre-date jitters? Pour a quick shot to calm the nerves with this handy flask.

4. Heart bkr Bottle ($35): You’re a girl on the go. Make sure to stay hydrated with this lightweight water bottle.

5. A La Mode Tee ($28): This tee knows what’s up. Everything IS better when served with ice cream.

6. Stone Canisters ($10-$15): Scoop up this porcelain canister. The real mystery is what goodies you’ll have stored inside.

7. We Can Get Down Poster ($30): Here’s a cheeky poster that will definitely liven up the walls of your bedroom. ;)

8. Layered Leather Bracelet Kit ($25): Make your own leather-bound bracelet with this DIY kit.

9. Jigger ($9): What’s a jigger, you ask? It’s stainless steel precision for all your cocktail adventures.

10. Tub Elixer ($28): A manly elixir that helps sooth aches and pains. Because your guy needs a little tub time, too.

11. Concrete Confetti Fanny Pack ($32): Fanny packs may not be considered the sexiest thing in the world, but you must admit, this pack is seriously playful.

12. Bar Earrings ($30): Gray bar earrings that are simple, elegant and to the point. Just like you.

13. Pantone Metal Storage Box ($22): The coolest tin storage box to pack away the goods.

14. Stamped Scarf Kit ($25): Keep warm on those cold nights with your own handmade scarf. Just grab the kit.


What’s your favorite shade in our 50 Shades collection? Let’s gossip about it in the comments below!