A few years back I made a promise to myself to always have fresh flowers in my house. And then the obsession began. I suddenly found myself in the kitchen surrounded by buckets of flowers, stems and leaves on the floor, wielding my shears like Edward Scissorhands making wild, shall we say, “art.” I called them floral arrangements and quickly became determined to learn a thing or two about flowers. I worked with some talented floral designers and even got a flower flashcard app on my phone (though I have to say, I haven’t found a good one on the market — hint, hint, developers). Now I can happily say that I know what I’m doing and can name a dahlia when I see it at the park. Though my love of flowers started with live ones, it has spread to all things floral which is why I’m stoked to share our bountiful array of botanical goods in the B + C shop. I want that Tattly tattoo. But for real.


1. Rose Botanical Journal ($15): Jot down your favorite flowers or perhaps a “roses are red, violets are blue” poem in this swoon-worthy journal. If only the cover was scratch and sniff!


2. Gold Floral Tattoos ($6): IMHO, floral tattoos stand the test of time, but if you’re not ready for ink (I’m almost there!), these floral tats by Tattly will make you feel just as badass. And then you can wash them off :)


3. 02:21PM Floral Watch ($39): It’s like wearing a corsage that tells time.


4. Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush ($12): Don’t let your lips get jealous of your rosy cheeks. I could almost eat this lip balm, it smells so good.


5. Sketching 101 Class ($20): With so much still life out in your garden, it’s high time you take a sketching class so you can freeze those breathtaking peonies in time. This one is going straight into my shopping cart.


6. Jungalow Nail Wraps ($12): Glamorize your fingertips with plant life. Your toes will be green with envy. That ring finger is my new best gal.


7. Paper Cutting ($28): Get serious with your scissors, Edward Junior, and learn how to cut paper from the best. This book will blow your mind like a dandelion.


8. Brass Plant Mister ($24): Probably the best-looking mister we’ve seen. Aside from Mr. Don Draper. He’s not so bad either.


9. Cactus iPhone Case ($30): I’m one of those people who somehow manages to touch the curling iron, the hot glue or my eyes after chopping jalapeños EVERY time. Glad I won’t get poked when I grab onto these cacti.


10. Thank You Citrus Cards — Set Of Six ($15): Nothing says thank you like flowers, except maybe a floral-inspired card.


11. Flower Arranging E-Class ($20): These ladies get three emoji thumbs up in my book! They’ll teach you how floral designers make such pretty arrangements. Get in on their secrets with our online course.


12. Edible Flower Seed Kit ($45): To eat or not to eat, that is the question. And the answer is: eat ’em! Edible flowers will make your taste buds dance.


13. Paper Flower Crown Kit ($20): Head into festival season with a crown on your head. A flower crown, that is.


14. Inverse Hanging Planter ($44): Give your plants a home in a handmade ceramic hanging pot. They’ll feel as much love as the artist put into her craft.


15. Gift Set — Florals ($50): Along with a bouquet of dahlias, this set of floral scented body oil, bath salts, body butter and lip balm is an A+ gift for the next birthday gal that pops up on your calendar. Like maybe me! March 8th people, March 8th!

Look for these items and so many more blossom-inspired products in our May Flowers collection. No, not Blossom from the ’90s television series :)

What other floral products would you like to see in the shop? Put your ideas in the comments.