Healthy food bloggers know what鈥檚 up when it comes to radiant skin. There鈥檚 a reason, after all, they鈥檝e become the experts. You鈥檒l see lots of them preaching the merits of staying hydrated and eating foods with good fats, like avocados and fish. But there are more聽things you can do with your food to improve your complexion (yup, even more than drinking聽ACV, as we discovered!). From green-tea ice cubes to oatmeal exfoliating scrubs, there鈥檚 a remedy for every skin need. We鈥檙e sharing聽secrets straight from the pros.


1. Superfood Salad: The dressing is simple: a squeeze of lime juice and a drizzle of olive oil. We love this nutrient-dense salad by A Couple Cooks. The cucumbers help with hydration and the rest of the veggies (raw spinach, mixed greens and cilantro) are full of nutrients and vitamins. (via A Couple Cooks)


2. Moisturizing Body Exfoliator: Food blogger Ella calls this her favorite natural beauty product. It calls for sugar, oats, coconut oil and a light splash of apple-cider vinegar. Rub it on in the shower, let it sit and wash it all off. (Deliciously Ella)


3. Apply Your Serums: This blog is run by models for models. Who better to give skin tips than the people who have flawless skin as a career? Check out聽their聽bullet-point list of how to wash your face. The main takeaways: Remove your cleanser with a fresh cotton face towel dampened with hot water, don鈥檛 use toner and apply your serums. (via Models for Wellness)


4. Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub: If your hands are feeling extremely dry, consider this cheap homemade remedy. All you need is lemon, sugar and oil. You can also use this on your face. The best part: You鈥檒l smell nice and citrusy afterwards. (via Oh She Glows)


5. Hydrating and Tightening Cucumber Mask: Forget cucumbers over the eyes. Instead, lather the vegetable over your entire face for the optimal effect. All you need are cucumbers and water for this simple DIY mask that tightens and hydrates. (via Kate Bello)

strong-brewed-green-tea-ice-cubes (1)

6. Green Tea Ice Cubes: Flavor your morning tea with these icy treats or use it as a beauty product on a hot summer day. Apply to puffy eyes in the morning 鈥 the caffeine-and-ice combo will reduce the swelling. (via Hello Natural)


7. Argon + Avocado Mask: When argon oil and avocado join forces, you know your hair is in for a luxe聽DIY treat. In case you get hungry while you鈥檙e glamming, this blogger even includes a recipe for avocado mousse. BRB making it now! (via Beauty and the Feast)


8. Turmeric Face Mask: Turmeric is said to help with hyper-pigmentation. This facial DIY uses a dash of turmeric and a bit of milk and chickpea flour. The mask is supposed to soften your聽skin and even out your聽complexion. (via An Edible Mosaic)

What are your skin secrets? Tell us below!