Gyms are about to see their annual spike in signups, and you can probably guess why. The New Year fitness fever usually just lasts a month or two until people’s gym habits start to fizzle. Whether or not you partake in this tradition, chances are your calorie intake is up because of all the holiday desserts, and your fitness levels are down… because, baby, it’s cold outside. We totally get it. Trustus.

That’s why we’re trying to find every gym alternative out there starting with workout regimens that we can do right at home or in the office with little space and little to no equipment. What’s better is that when you can do your workout right at home, you may be more likely to make time to fit it in. Whether you want to start on January 1 or right after reading this, these guides are so simple they’ll give you that kick of motivation you need to take a break from Netflix and break a sweat.

1. In Cramped Quarters: Using only free weights, this series of exercises is a lesson in metabolic resistance training (higher metabolism = kicking out more calories). The routine was created for a packed gym, but works just fine in your living room too. (via Shape)

2. Keep It Simple: Bust out your yoga mat and get a resistance band. This guide is filled with small-space workout go-tos. It’s the kind of workout that makes you wonder why you ever went to the gym at all. (via DNAinfo)

3. 7-Minute Miracle: Okay, we added the “Miracle” part, but any workout that goes viral and is backed by science must be special. You may have caught wind of the Scientific 7-Minute workout last year when the The New York Times published it with all the stats and facts from the scientists. Well, this is an updated version that incorporates weights, and therefore a bit more resistance. We’re definitely going to give it a try. (via The New York Times)

4. At the Office: While these tips won’t have you lifting like Schwarzenegger by the end of the first quarter, they will keep you active on the day-to-day to avoid stiffness, both mentally and physically. Lifehacker’s guide gives you quick stretches you can do at the office and other little tips to keep you active. (via LifeHacker)

5. Abs and Thighs ANYWHERE: If these exercises will have our abs looking like fitness pro Melissa Ioja’s, then sign us up right now. This five-part workout doesn’t involve any equipment but it does totally kill your legs, in a good way. You can do it right in your living room or kitchen, like Melissa. (via Athlean XX on YouTube)

6. Cardio and Strength: This all-over body workout is a great addition to your daily morning routine. It will take you less than 20 minutes, and all of the equipment will stow away easily. No more excuses, right? (via PopSugar)

7. Exercise Cards: This deck of cards is not a game. Instead it’s fitness play-by-play for you to get in shape. In the deck there are 40 exercises, 10 stretches and 6 complete workouts, none of which involve any equipment. (via WorkoutLabs)

8. Mommy and Me: It isn’t easy to find time to work out post baby, unless of course your baby is helping you do the workout. This guide gives you 10 workout moves that you can do with baby in tow. (via Parenting)

9. Touch and Go: This series of strength training exercises was put together with the working mom in mind, but they’re perfect for anyone who’s short on time, which, when it comes to working out, is almost everyone. (via Parenting)

10. Daddy and Me: This one is sort of a joke, but we can’t pass up faux vintage illustrations. Drawn like something you’d find in an old pamphlet, this graphic shows some quite useful ideas like baby front raises, but also some questionable ones like the baby medicine ball toss. We definitely don’t endorse that one… or the one-shoulder unitard. (via Art of Manliness)

How do you stay fit in a small space? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments!