Rub-a-dub-dub, totally rad soaps in the tub! Whether you’re in the shower, the bath, or just washing your hands in the sink, you use soap a bunch throughout the day, and you want it to do its job. But why use boring old soap when you can get creative with your sanitizer of choice? While we’re fans of traditionally scented soaps, we went scouring the web for new versions with interesting fragrances, cool packaging, and clever design. Here are our top 25!

1. Tetris Soap ($10 for 8 pieces): We’ll start with some retro geeky goodness. These “energy citrus” scented soaps are shaped like classic Tetris pieces, and we’re loving the blue and green hues.

2. Cherry Cola Soap ($7): This soap smells like Cherry Coke—um, yum! It also comes wrapped in a magazine page which is pretty and eco-friendly.

3. Pumpkin Spice Soap ($5): The perfect scent for fall, this pumpkin spice soap also happens to be 100% vegan. And yes, we’re okay with you soaping up with it just before consuming your ritual PSL. (Only Starbucks fans got that one.)

4. Soap to Go ($4): The perfect travel soap for all of your adventures, this “Soap To Go” is as smell-worthy as it is portable.

5. Beer Soap ($50 for 6): Porter or stout? This 6-pack would make a great gift for the microbrew lover in your life.

6. Soap Revolt ($8): These soaps are all-natural and organic, they come in scents like tea tree and lavender and peppermint, and they’re packed with elements like charcoal and dead sea clay for your skin. Plus, we’re loving the super pretty geometric packaging.

7. Zephyr Soap ($8): This soap has a truly unique scent. It combines jasmine, ginger root, coconut milk, and warm amber musk for a clean and uplifting combo. Mmmmm.

8. Caffeinated Soap ($7): We’ve talked about this one before, and we’re still blown away by it. Get energy in the shower from your soap!? Talk about a morning pick-me-up.

9. Coffee Soap ($7): Rather stick with coffee? While this soap isn’t caffeinated, it does smell like java! The coffee beans are super effective for eliminating odors, and the scent is yummy without being overpowering.

10. Take After Swearing Soap ($7): This one just makes us laugh. Wash your mouth out with soap…or you know, use it as soap. It’s orange scented and sure to get you chuckling while you’re washing your hands.

11. The Cake is a Lie Soap ($7): Do not eat this soap! It may smell like a delicious chocolate cake, but we’re betting it tastes like soap.

12. Wildwood Soap ($9): If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is the soap for you. It smells like a forest, with scents of doug fir and wild cherry bark packed in. Dudes everywhere give it two armpits up.

13. Bird Project Soap ($30): Each bird-shaped soap contains a ceramic bird made from Louisiana clay. Half of profits from the sale of this soap go towards cleanup projects for the Gulf Oil Spill.

14. No Bite Me Soap ($6): This soap is also an insect repellant! Get clean and keep the mosquitoes away with a single product. It’s also biodegradable and DEET-free. Nice!

15. Whiskey Sour Soap ($12 for 2): This vegan soap smells just like a whiskey sour. Plus, we’re loving the fun retro packaging.

16. Chill Pills ($7): Kick back and relax with this mint and eucalyptus soap. The fun packaging is just a bonus!

17. Uranium Soap ($7): This soap glows in the dark and is perfect for science geeks. Don’t worry, it’s not actually radioactive, just rad.

18. Black Raspberry and Black Pepper ($7): This intriguing handmade soap combines the fruity notes of black raspberry with the spice of black pepper and we’re definitely dying to give it a whiff.

19. Cabernet Wine Soap ($6): Do you love a good cabernet? Add one to your shower! This soap was handmade with a full-bodied cab with notes of rich berries, cherry, and oak, lending it a complex and delicious scent.

20. Gamer Soaps ($16): Looking for a perfect gift for your favorite gamer? This soap is vegan friendly, has an energizing citrus scent, and is so realistic you’ll have to remind them not to try to plug it in! #nintendofan4life

21. Cucumber Aloe Soap ($7): Cucumber and aloe vera is not just a killer fragrance combo, it also does wonders for soothing your skin.

22. Fortune Cookie Soap ($3): “Today you will find an awesome soap.” This fun fortune cookie soap comes in tons of scents, but we’re loving “Honeymoon in Paradise,” which is a light, beachy fragrance.

23. Miranda Soap ($8): This kiwi-scented soap is jam-packed with real, fresh, organic fruit. Plus, it’s insanely pretty!

24. Fight Club Soap ($20): Dying to reenact the Fight Club movie cover? This soap is just the ticket! (Unfortunately, Brad Pitt is not included.)

25. Bacon Soap ($9): This just might be taking the whole bacon trend too far, but we think this guy would make a great gag gift for the bacon-obsessed.

Would you use any of these soaps? Got any recs for soaps with cool fragrances or rad designs? Share your thoughts below.