When it comes to snacks, there’s a few childhood favorites we never quite got over. Sure, you may be all grown up with more refined tastebuds now, but it’s totally okay if you still miss the days of String Things and Fruitopia too. In fact, the snack gods are smiling down on us this week, because we’ve just gotten wind that two of the our most beloved ’90s treats are teaming up for the most epic collaboration, well, ever: Go-GURT and Sour Patch Kids!

The geniuses at Yoplait have joined forces with the candy company to bring us the super-snack of the future. That’s right — as of this week, you can relive your glory days of pushing your yogurt up in a tube while getting the perfect dose of sweet and sour with the two new tangy flavor choices: Sour Patch Kids Redberry (the same flavor the brand collaborated with Baskin-Robbins ice cream on) and Blue Raspberry.

Of the new breakfast treat, Tsubasa Tanaka, the Business Unit Director of Yogurt at General Mills, explained, “As a brand, we are always looking for new ways to create more fun for families. With this collaboration, we’re bringing together two beloved brands known for their ability to instigate fun — Go-GURT and Sour Patch Kids — to create an incredible snack experience.”

The Go-GURT tubes will be available in both eight and 16-count cartons of the Sour Patch flavors, so keep your eyes peeled in your local supermarket.

We, for one, can’t WAIT to try them!

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(Photo via Yoplait)