Your spices are lost deep in the cabinets, your Silpat is hidden underneath layers of baking sheets, and where is that measuring spoon?! Listen, we’ve been there. It’s tough. It’s called tiny kitchen problems, and while all your baking tools may fit (sort of), making a small kitchen functional for hardcore baking is another story. We tackled the living room, but this next post of our small space series is focused solely on how to organize and fix up your small kitchen to suit your baking needs. Read on for our space-saving tips below!


1. The Hang of It: For a pretty, bohemian display, hang your large cooking utensils, pots and pans that are normally hard to find in the cabinets. Fair warning: Your takeout delivery person might miss you, because you’ll def start cooking and baking more often. (via My Domaine)

pastel oven

2. Pastel Oven: If your tiny kitchen is mostly white, bring in brightly colored accent pieces — like this blue pastel oven — to create visual interest. (Photo via Vintage House Daylesford)

kitchen rug

3. Go Bright: Rugs aren’t just for the living room. Create a pop of color in your kitchen with a bright rug in front of the sink. It will make cleaning all those mixing bowls that much better. (via Apartment Therapy)

kitchen aid organization

4. Behind Closed Doors: Use hooks behind cabinet doors to hang up your KitchenAid pieces. Also, clear containers work wonders to help bakers easily see which ingredients are where. (via Julie Blanner)


5. Keep It Contained: Organize your measuring spoons and baking essentials once and for all with cute serving dishes, teacups and baskets. (via The Inspired Room)

cubbie organization

6. Cubby System: Place all of your small appliances and attachments in an organized system of cubbies so that everything you’ll need for baking is on hand all the time. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

bright kitchen

7. Paint It All: Bring your kitchen to life by painting your kitchen floors AND the ceiling a bright, cheerful color. (via Apartment Therapy)

magnetic strip

8. Hung Up: To create more counter space, use a magnetic strip to hang up knives and utensils. (via Design*Sponge)

design shelving

9. Open Up: Replace bulky kitchen cabinets with mounted shelving so your kitchen feels more open (and so you can easily spot and grab baking ingredients and utensils). (via Design*Sponge)


10. Display Case: Rather than having an unruly stack in your bottom drawer, cutting boards can be artfully displayed up on the walls. (via Remodelista)

long table

11. Go Long: Use a long dining table that doubles as a kitchen island. This can fill odd, open spaces, especially in square or L-shaped kitchens. (via Apartment Therapy)

hidden island

12. Hidden Counters: It’s time to get creative with your counter space. Use an island with wheels that you can tuck underneath tables when not in use. (via Better Homes and Gardens)


13. Color Coordinated: Color coordinating items on your shelves can help your kitchen feel less overwhelmed with stuff, so you can focus on the important things (like baking). (via Loyalimo)

kitchen chalkboard paint

14. Chalk It Out: Apply chalkboard paint to small open areas in your kitchen and create a chalkboard for your grocery shopping lists or your favorite baking recipes. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

bar stool

15. Raise the Bar: Instead of a dining table, opt for a bar table. You can tuck the chairs underneath while you’re cooking and use it as an island for prep and rolling that dough. (via Homeinn)

storage above cabinets

16. Above and Beyond: Take advantage of storage space above your kitchen cabinets. Put items that you don’t use as often in decorative boxes and simply pull out a stepping stool when you need to grab something from up high. (via New York Times)

Bakers, what does YOUR ideal kitchen look like? Share your space-saving tips for the kitchen below!