We don’t know if you caught the action on Thursday night — but for the first time in 50 years, two wordsmiths, Sriram Hathwar and Ansun Sujoe, tied for first place in Scripps National Bee… which got us thinking; the adult world has come to rely heavily on spell check. And while our generation might be destined to a life of dependency on dotted-red underlining, our kids? Well, let’s give them a chance. These five apps will build up spelling skills for everything from pop quizzes to those trophy-winning moments.

1. Spelling Test ($1): Becoming a spelling whiz doesn’t happen overnight. This iOS app starts kids with the basics. Enter a spelling list into Spelling Test and test away. Kids can watch their progress week after week.

2. Miss Spell’s Class (Free): This app, available for both iPhone and Android, takes a unique approach to spelling by displaying a list of words and asking the user which ones are misspelled. It’s helpful for revealing problem words and tackling common errors, making anyone and everyone a better speller. The best part is it allows groups to challenge each other from their phones for a little healthy competition.

3. Spell Friendzy (Free): When kids step on that spelling bee stage, they’re not competing with only fellow spellers in their class or even just the ones at their school. So why should they practice that way? iPhone and Android friendly, Spell Friendzy allows them to compete with kids around the world. The app challenges students from kindergarten through high school, featuring the top 100 spellers every day, which gives top performers rightful recognition.

4. SpellDown Spelling Bee ($2): This app takes things to the next level. Not only can you create your own spelling lists, you can fetch the audio and record your own voice saying the words. Users can even add their own definitions. Bonus: The iOS app has its own version of hangman called HangBee that will spice up practice sessions!

5. Word Learn Dictionary (Free): Even when your kiddo gets the hang of spelling, any good bee candidate needs a grasp on origins and definitions. This Android app is preloaded with 320,000 words and their definitions from Webster’s and WordNet. Look up definitions or quiz yourself. Users never get bored because a quick shake of the phone will reveal a brand new word and its matching definition.

Got a tike who’s a master speller? What’s their favorite way to practice their spelling skills? Tell us below!

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