Let’s all be honest here: spell check has basically saved us from a lot of embarrassment over the last few years. Ever since we started typing word documents, we’ve had spell check to watch our backs and make sure our spelling is on point. And now with autocorrect on our phone and autocomplete on a lot of websites, we’re pretty much set when it comes to digital writing mistakes. But what about when we put pen to paper? A new Kickstarter campaign, Lernstift, functions as a spell check for this space, vibrating every time a mistake is made. It’s specifically designed for kids just learning to write: text speak begone!

There’s two basic modes for the pen: orthography (spelling) and calligraphy (handwriting). It’s a friendly way for kids to improve the look and content of their writing. Every time an error is made, the pen vibrates, allowing instant feedback for little ones, whether they’re trying to write a letter or work on an assignment. It works for both print and cursive and is calibrated to the individual so it should fit any writing style while improving the handwriting over time.

One of the coolest features of this pen is that it’s independent. It doesn’t require any special paper or apps; it works just fine on its own. This makes it super portable and usable for basically any writing task. You could even use it to write in the air if you wanted to!

Lernstift is ergonomically designed for little hands, so no worries about kids cramping up while they’re learning. It’s also WiFi connected, making it easy to get information about assignments on computers and other devices, and opening up possibilities for writing-based gaming.

We’re loving this pen and it would be cool as an extension for classroom-based teachings about spelling and handwriting. To be honest, we even want one ourselves to check our spelling when writing out handwritten thank you cards.

What do you think about the Lernstift pen? Are there any other cool technologies we should know about to help kids learn, offline or on? Talk to us in the comments below.