Picture a perfect summer day of chillin’ poolside with your BFFs. The sun is shining, the grill is sizzlin’ and your beer is… lukewarm. You could throw it into an ice cooler and wait until autumn for it to chill, or you could accelerate the process with the SpinChill, a patent-pending, hands-free beverage chiller that uses a scientifically-proven spinning action to cool your warm bevs and get the party started again.


With the SpinChill, you don’t have to sweat about cooling the bevs before the guests arrive at your next backyard barbecue or garden party. The portable and water-resistant SpinChill works on the spot, chilling soda and beer cans in one minute, 12-ounce beer bottles in three minutes and wine bottles in five minutes. To use it, all you have to do is clip the SpinChill device to the top of a can or bottle, steep it in ice and turn it on. The SpinChill can chill as many as 300 cans with only four AA batteries!


So how exactly does the SpinChill work? Unlike a stationary ice cooler, the SpinChill’s spinning action adds convection that increases the rate of heat transfer between a hot liquid and cold ice. When your drink hits the ice, convection forces the hot liquid in the center of a can outward. The heat is conducted through the can wall and speedily absorbed by the ice, cooling your bevs 20 times faster than a traditional cooler. And because the SpinChill rotates drinks smoothly, it doesn’t cause foam or exploding beverage incidents.

You can pick up a SpinChill online for $24.99, or purchase two to receive a free drink cozy. Any way you spin it, the SpinChill may just leave you with enough spare change to buy your buds a round of ice-cold drinks before summer ends.

Will you chill out at your next party with a SpinChill? Let us know in the comments below!