Spring has *finally* arrived. And you know what that means? Along comes the irresistible urge to purge our homes of winter dust and all that clutter (AKA spring cleaning). It may seem like we just cleaned, but that’s what happens after a few Netflix binges. Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we think the bedroom is the perfect place to start freshening up for the new sunny season. Whether it’s a complete closet purge or simply a few bold and bright throw pillows, these 10 tips will have your bedroom spring-ready in no time.

1. Add Colorful Prints: There are so many awesome colorful prints out there. This gallery wall uses pages from a calendar for bright, budget-friendly art. (via The Creativity Exchange)

2. Decluttered Nightstand: After the long winter, your bedside table is probably covered in half-read novels and to-do lists. Time to clear it all away and replace it with some nicer things, like flowers and candles. (via Domaine)

3. DIY Mattress Cleaner: You probably don’t want to hear about all the dust mites living in your mattress. Instead, make this simple mattress cleaner that will help you sleep soundly. (via Hello Natural)

4. Organize That Closet: While you’re sprucing up the rest of your house, it may be easy (or convenient) to ignore the toughest and messiest place — the closet. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve got lots of tips and tricks to organize and declutter your closet this spring. (via Brit + Co)

5. New Window Treatments: Sometimes all you need to make a room feel bright, shiny and new is a new pair of drapes. (via Domaine)

6. DIY Linen Spray: We love the idea of slipping into sheets that smell like lavender at the end of a long day. Thankfully there’s an affordable DIY way to make that happen. (via Hello Natural)

7. Floral Duvet ($99): Once you’ve washed your sheets and duvet, consider buying a pretty floral cover that will bring a lighter feel to the whole room.

8. DIY Carpet Cleaner: How often do you clean the carpet in your bedroom? If you’re like us and it’s not very often, try a sprinkle of this carpet cleaner. It will make your carpet a pleasant spot to sink your toes into. (via PopSugar)

9. Plant Life: Adding some greenery to your bedroom is a simple way to bring life and freshness to the space, whether that’s a potted plant or a bright bouquet of flowers. (via Emily Henderson)

10. Throw Pillows: You were just waiting for this, right? Switch up your throw pillow covers for some bright spring patterns that will tempt you to rest and read. (via Classy Clutter)

Do you have any bedroom tips for spring cleaning? How are you going to spring-ify your bedroom? Tell us below!