There鈥檚 nothing we like more than lounging in bed with a mug聽of hot chocolate, our favorite chocolate chip cookies and a few reruns of Scandal. Between gray skies and blustery winds, not to mention the mountains of snow or rain heading our way soon, spending a lazy day in bed sounds more and more enticing鈥 especially if you鈥檝e got a colorful duvet cover to pull around you. No matter what the weather looks like outside, we鈥檝e got 20 duvet covers that will keep you warm and stylish all winter long.

1. Aari Embroidered Duvet ($528+): There鈥檚 nothing we like more than a bright, bold pattern, and this duvet cover made from organic cotton is exactly what we had in mind.

2. Hand-Block Arrows Duvet ($249): We鈥檝e got arrows on our totes and tanks, so our bedspread seems like the next logical place for this design trend. Add a few colorful throw pillows, and you鈥檒l have a stylish and modern room in seconds.

3. Sun Yellow Crinkle Duvet ($89+): Outside might be gray skies for days, but inside your bedroom, you鈥檝e got enough sunshine to keep you going through the winter.

4. Paris Map Duvet ($129): You鈥檒l be dreaming of chocolate croissants and afternoons spent strolling through the Louvre with this colorful duvet. Impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of those windy Parisian streets, even if you鈥檝e never gotten your passport stamped.

5. Tradewinds Duvet ($198+): Speaking of traveling鈥 snuggle under these covers, and you鈥檒l be a geographic expert in no time. If only we鈥檇 had this during those fifth grade geography lessons鈥

6. Terrific Terrarium Duvet ($90): For all us brown thumbs who never met a plant we couldn鈥檛 (accidentally!) kill, here鈥檚 your indoor garden solution. Now we鈥檙e off to find that sleepy fox pillow.

7. Southwest Geo Duvet ($89): Modern meets Texas-chic with this bold pattern. All you鈥檒l need is a set of faux antlers, and you鈥檒l have a tiny Southwestern paradise.

8. Specs Duvet ($30+): Whether or not you鈥檙e rockin鈥 20/20 vision, we can just see you curled up under this duvet in your coziest jammies.

9. Paint Play Two Duvet ($129): The dual-color brushstrokes on this fabric are sure to inspire the artist in you. (No one will ever know you failed macaroni art in kindergarten.)

10. Lindi Fringe Duvet ($228+): If we could put a tassel around all our blankets and pillows, we totally would, but we鈥檒l just start with this duvet.

11. Geo Lines Quilt ($169): Okay, you caught us. This isn鈥檛 exactly a duvet, but the pattern on this quilt is so pretty, we couldn鈥檛 leave it out. If you鈥檙e not ready to commit to a patterned duvet cover, then a quilt is the perfect substitution.

12. Garden Buzz Duvet ($228+): Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your duvet grow? With red and blue flowers, apparently!

13. Dusted Chimes Duvet ($488+): Arrows and lines mix to create a simplistic, modern pattern on this bedding. With that hint of golden yellow, we鈥檙e totally sold.

14. Happy Stripes Duvet ($129): Does your favorite color vary depending on your mood? This bright option will keep you covered (literally), no matter how you鈥檙e feeling about pink or purple.

15. Floral Scarf Duvet ($79+): This gorgeous cover certainly lives up to its name. Pair it with colorful pillows or keep things minimalist and white 鈥 no matter what your design scheme is, you can鈥檛 go wrong with this vintage print.

16. Dots and Stripes Duvet ($139+): Those winter blues won鈥檛 stand a chance when you鈥檙e lounging under these cheerful white polka dots.

17. Pattern Block Duvet ($99+): Why settle for one pattern when you can have five? This duvet proves that all you need is a cohesive color scheme to bring bold patterns together.

18. Bauhaus Stripe Duvet ($89): Whether it鈥檚 puffer jacket season or jorts weather, this geometric duvet cover will keep your room bright.

19. Beamscape Duvet ($129+): Two of our favorite design trends, watercolors and chevron, come together in one fantastic way with this duvet cover.

20. Altiplano Duvet ($79+): Leaping bunnies and stately birds join forces on this Altiplano-inspired duvet cover that will have you feeling like a globetrotter without ever leaving your bed.

Do you prefer a bright duvet or a neutral one? Tell us why below!