Indoor plants are helpful in so many ways. They clean the air we breathe. They add a sense of permanence to our homes. They bring texture and color to any room. Yup, it’s preeeetty obvious that we love our plants. And since we love them so much, why not expand their leafy reign in your home? Get inspired with these 13 beautiful botanical bedrooms.

1. Hanging Plants: Keep those precious leaves away from the kitty’s jaws and hang them up high. They can add a bit of color to any corner. (via Classy Clutter)

2. Bigger Greens: Go big or go home. A large plant in your bedroom can be just the kind of statement piece you need. (via The Design Chaser)

3. Reaching Vines: Looking for something a little more romantic? Creeping vines will give you that Romeo and Juliet vibe. (via Keep)

4. Varying Surfaces: Go ahead. Take up your empty dresser, nighstand and floor space with green leaves. You won’t regret it. (via Paper and Stitch)

5. Headboard Plant: Replace your headboard with a plant and you’ll wake up every morning expecting to hear the sounds of the jungle. (via Temple and Webster)

6. Variety: Don’t forget to use a variety of plants in every room. While you may love those fiddle leaf figs and indoor palms, it is important to mix it up with different types of plants for a unique look. (via Moon to Moon)

7. Pocket Plants: Put your plants in pockets and hang ’em on a wall or a screen to create the look of an outdoor villa. We recommend painting the pockets with a fun, bright color(s) for a little pizzaz. (via Cocoon Home)

8. Contrasting Colors: Most of the time, bedrooms seem to gravitate toward pale colors. Display a plant or two to add a pop that draws the eye. (via Green Muze)

9. Air Plants: For all you (accidental) plant killers out there, try these air plants that need neither soil nor water to thrive. You can’t lose. (via Design Sponge)

10. Home Unity: One great thing about plants is that including them in your whole house can help unify your look — no matter what color schemes you use. (via Old Brand New Blog)

11. Window Plants: Got some big windows in your bedroom? One, we’re jealous. Two, fill them with plants for a old timey conservatory look. (via The Design Files)

12. Tropical Plants: Don’t be afraid to go outside your horticultural zone and bring the tropics into your home. Just make sure you keep the place warm enough. (via Green Muze)

13. Loving Care: No matter where you put your greenery, just remember to give it plenty of light, water and loving care. We won’t judge if you sing to them too. (via Lovelyish)

Where do you prefer to put your greenery? Tell us all about it below!