So you found a really great converted warehouse apartment with gorgeous natural light, but… there’s no closet. We’re not talking a small closet — we’re talking NO closet. You know you’ve been there. But now, thanks to modern storage and organization tools, we can help you build your very own closet. We’ve teamed up with Target to help you turn a blank wall into a custom closet. This how-to works for any size wall, so be sure to share it with friends who live in a tiny apartments as well as large ones.

It’s all part of our Storage and Organization Series with Target, devoted to getting organized as we usher in a new year. In addition to a whole variety of organizational content here on Brit +Co, we’ve partnered with four guest bloggers to ask them how they get things organized as well. Stay tuned!

Until then, here are 12 essentials for building out your own DIY closet. For us, the key was in creating something fairly mobile and lightweight, being able to see everything in it and making sure there’s a space for everything. Though you likely have more clothes than fit perfectly into this setup, this is great for keeping your everyday wearables on hand. For bulky things like jackets and sweaters, we highly recommend Sterilite under-the-bed bins!

1. Threshold Double Closet Rod ($60): First things first, you’re going to need a garment rack of some kind. This double closet rod comes with a section for hanging and a section for shelving.

2. Threshold Scarf Hanger ($6): Next we’ve got this awesome and handy scarf hanger. Use this to organize your scarves, tights or leggings and your magically-shorter-morning-routine will thank you.

3. Huggable Hangers ($20): These cushy hangers make it easy to hang garments of all sizes and materials because they won’t slip. They are also thinner and take up less room than traditional plastic hangers!

4. Hanging Shelves ($19): Hanging shelves may seem SO college to you, but they are actually super handy. Use them for pants, scarves, belts, clutches or even shoes!

5. Sterilite Drawers ($5 and up): These super lightweight drawers come in a bunch of different configurations and are an easy way to add extra functionality to your DIY closet. Fill yours with bras and undies to keep them easily accessible but tucked away.

6. Threshold Starburst Mirror ($40): You’re going to need a gorgeous mirror to look at that gorgeous face of yours! This starburst mirror fits into our closet perfectly.

7. Jewelry Organizer: You may want to keep a separate jewelry box stowed away with all your beads and baubles, but an organizer like this is great for keeping the things you wear most frequently on hand.

8. Horizontal Shoe Shelf ($10): We stacked a basic shoe shelf on top of a white cube organizer for maximum shoe space. The shoe shelf is great for flats, sandals and sneakers, and the top doubles as a bureau for keeping your accessories and makeup in order.

9. 6-Cube White Organizer ($40): Cube shelves are basically the best, whether in the closet, in the kitchen or in the office. In this closet scene, we turned ours on its side and used it to display our most prized boots.

10. Room Essentials Storage Cubes ($7): Inside those bins? Socks, tights, leggings and even a few more pairs of shoes.

11. Woven Plastic Tub ($7): Bins are the bee’s knees when it comes to an open shelving situation, so you’re going to want to stock up. We used this white bin to house a few of our favorite fall hats.

12. Plenty of Trays: Like bins, trays are more useful than you could possibly imagine. Use them to organize accessories, jewelry, beauty essentials and all of those other little knick knacks you like to access on the daily.

Don’t you feel more organized already?

This post is a collaboration with Target.