Crunchy slaw is always a solid choice for transforming a head of cabbage, but sometimes we just want more. These 12 recipes go beyond, featuring the vegetable in a variety of forms, from raw to cooked to fermented. Not ready to enjoy cabbage front-and-center? Not to worry, we made sure to include a few where it acts as a formidable filler, creating improved texture without any of that acquired cabbage-y taste. Keep scrolling for some superb super food inspiration!

1. Gingery Pork + Chive Pot Stickers: You can never have too many dumplings to choose from when planning a DIY dim sum spread. Mixing finely chopped cabbage together with pork keeps the filling for these tasty two-bites light instead of leaden. (via The Seasoned Traveler)

2. Grilled Chicken Thai Salad: A spicy peanut dressing enlivens this grilled chicken and delicate Napa cabbage salad. Add in a handful of edamame, sweet peppers or anything else you can think of to make this salad your own. (via Table)

3. Red Cabbage Grilled Sandwiches: The purple hue of sweet-and-sour red cabbage makes this grown up grilled cheese especially alluring. What a terrific way to use up any last bits of cabbage tucked away in the crisper! (via Renee Kemps)

4. Bubble and Squeak With Bangers: Flecks of itty bitty cabbage can be found mixed into these savory, pan-fried veggie cakes. Served with a bourbon-mustard cream sauce and sausage links, it’s a complete — and completely scrumptious — meal. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

5. Roasted Mixed Cabbages: It’s incredible how much impact a blast in a hot oven can have on oft-snubbed veggies like cabbage. This simple recipe demonstrates just how much its character changes when roasted. (via Martha Stewart)

6. Cabbage Wraps With Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce: These satisfying wraps may cut out the carbs, but they certainly don’t skimp on flavor, texture and color. Enjoy a veritable rainbow of produce stuffed inside. (via A House in the Hills)

7. Lazy Sauerkraut Pierogi Casserole With Apple: Packed with all the flavor of pierogi with a fraction of the effort, this noodle casserole features a combo of cabbage, both fresh and fermented (aka sauerkraut). (via An Edible Mosaic)

8. Moo Shu Pork: It seems too good to be true, but each and every element — pancakes, hoisin sauce and filling — of this amazing moo shu is made from scratch! (via Manu’s Menu)

9. Irish Eggs Benedict With Corned Beef and Cabbage Hash: Basically two breakfasts in one, this recipe should probably be a key part of your St. Patrick’s Day party recovery plan next year. (via Fabtastic Eats)

10. Melon Basil Summer Rolls: We love that the translucent rice paper wrappers give us a sneak peek of all of the good stuff — not to mention beautiful colors — packed within. And the unique tamarind dipping sauce served alongside is creamy, sweet and spicy all at the same time. (via Golubka)

11. Singapore Mei Fun: Packed with tons of veggies, you can feel good about this homemade version of a favorite takeout dish. (via Tide and Thyme)

12. Roasted Cabbage and Apples With Italian Sausage: While cabbage, apples and onions roast in the oven, your choice of sausage is cooked on the stovetop. During the final few minutes of cooking, the two parts are tossed together to allow all of the fantastic, perfect-for-fall flavors to marry. (via Bon Appétit)

Do you enjoy cabbage featured front-and-center or as more of a textural accent? Let us know below which of these recipes you’re most inclined to try out!