If you were to dream up the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, budding flowers, green grass and sunny 75-degree weather would likely top the list. Luckily, spring — the official kickoff to wedding season — is just around the corner and can make for perfect pictures. Whether you’re just starting the wedding planning process or you already secured a date, scroll down for a list of the must-have photos of your spring wedding to ensure you’ll love your wedding pics for generations to come.


1. Pastels and Green: You don’t have to be in Palms Springs to have a Palm Springs-themed wedding. Bring in the signature bright color palette of the city to your wedding day, and your photos will automatically show that your day was filled with sunshine and laid-back vibes. (via Gideon Photography / Ruffled)


2. Dramatic Backdrops: If you don’t have a mountain to capture in the background, just find the greenest or most colorful patch of flowers/grass you can. Anything with the least bit of blooming color will have your photo screaming spring. As for a dramatic backdrop, a sunset will do just beautifully. (via By Tezza)


3. Colorful Palette: Incorporate even *more* color into your reception by painting the inside of mason jars. It’s easy, inexpensive and can even be reused as home decor after your big day. (via Fiorello Photography / Inspired by This)


4. Soft Place Settings: Place settings can be an overlooked photo opportunity, so be sure your photog knows to capture how beautiful yours is. Having a bold detail guarantees to elevate your photos — think pink, gold and a pop of green. (via Jessica Gold Photography / Style Me Pretty)


5. Breathtaking Flower Arches: If you have a statement piece like this as a part of your day, be sure to take as many photos with it as possible. Once you’re done using it at your ceremony, move it over to your reception area for guests to use as a makeshift photo booth. (via Sarah Kate Photography / Style Me Pretty)


6. Aisle Decor: These are the small details you’re going to want to remember. You’ll re-live the memories you made with your mom, sister and/or bridesmaids every time you see the photo. (via Sarah Kate Photography / Style Me Pretty)


7. Entrance Sign: A super romantic entrance deserves to be documented. Plus, when this much effort (and fabulous calligraphy) goes into a project, you want to look back on it later and think, “Dang, we nailed that DIY.” (via Ryan Flynn Photography / Style Me Pretty)


8. Memorable Centerpieces: Opt for fun pops of color and personality in your florals. To fully capture the impact on camera, use brown bottles instead of clear. (via Brian Evans Photography / Ruffled)


9. Dog + Flower Crown: Capture the ultimate spring photo op with your pooch and give your fave furry friend a flower crown. (via Wear Wag Repeat)


10. Dramatic Tree Photo: Half the point of spring weddings is to find a show-stopping, blooming tree full of buds to take one of your first pictures together as a married couple. Some kick-ass scenery is just a bonus. (via Laura Goldenberger / Green Wedding Shoes)


11. DIY Centerpieces: Brides who DIY their centerpieces spend a lot of time on them between planning and executing. Make sure to reward all that effort by giving your centerpieces their own little photoshoot. (via Samuel Docker / Rock My Wedding)


12. Florist Centerpieces: Metallic details are a necessity for a bright spring day, and they look extra luxe in photos. Plus, after you sent your florist all the bouquet inspo you found on Pinterest, you’ll want to fully capture the colors from your day for years to come. (via Pinkerton Photography / Ruffled)


13. The Bridal Bouquet: Whether your bouquet is filled with different colors or you went with a monochromatic option, make sure your photographer snaps a pic. (via I Take You)


14. The Solo Bridal Shot: Sure this day is about you and your new lifelong partner, but don’t hesitate to show off your gorge bridal look. If you happen to be getting married near a treasure trove of blossoming almond trees, we recommend dancing around underneath them and catching a photo like this. (via Retrospect Images / 100 Layer Cake)

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