St. Patrick’s Day is all about beer, right? Not according to us. These 25 creative dessert recipes will help you focus your St. Paddy’s celebration on what’s really important — minty shamrocks, buttercream rainbows and fondant leprechauns. No need to search for the end of the rainbow. These sweet treats will have you feeling luckier than a pot o’ gold. Hosting a party? Don’t stop with your dessert, check out these perfect decor ideas too!

1. Shamrock Cut Out Cupcakes: Grab a mini-shamrock cookie cutter and a knife for this clever take-apart-put-back-together recipe. (via Glorious Treats)

2. Chocolate Mint Creme Sandwich Cookies: Because chocolate and mint is the best flavor combination ever, these sandwich cookies will make you feel like a pro pastry chef. (via Hungry Girl por Vida)

3. Mint Chocolate Dipped Pound Cake Treats: Play it safe with this iced pound cake. Fact: no one can ever say no to easy golden cake. (via Fancy Frugal Life)

4. Double Decker Rainbow Shamrock Cookies: Can’t decide between rainbows and shamrocks? Have both. (via Bake at 350)

5. Irish Cream Coffee Chocolate Truffles: You knew Baileys was coming, didn’t you? We couldn’t keep Irish liquor out of these recipes completely, and we wouldn’t want to. These itty bitty things make great gifts as well as party favors. (via The Urban Baker)

6. Lemon Shamrock Cupcakes: Hello, lemon-cream-cheese frosting. We’re so glad to see you. There’s no need to stick to mint. White and green can go with any flavor. (via Barbara Bakes)

7. Bottoms Up! Irish Creme Hot Fudge Cupcakes: This won’t be the last time you see Baileys, either. The creator of these babies calls them “interactive.” Pick up the mini bottle and watch your cake fill up with booze. Cool. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

8. Green Velvet Cheesecake Cake: Cheesecake, chocolate, green velvet, gold coins. Yup, we’ve got all the key players right here. (via Something Swanky)

9. Taste the Rainbow Jell-O: Um, we think these gems speak for themselves. Have you seen anything cooler? Ever? (via Glorious Treats)

10. Mint Cut Out Cookies with Dark Chocolate Glaze Icing: This heavenly dark-chocolate glaze will sweeten up any shape you choose to make. Go right for the shamrock or make a lucky one like this. (via Created by Diane)

11. End of the Rainbow Cupcakes: Can you spy the cupcakes? Icing cupcakes like a cake has always looked so intriguing. 10 points for succeeding with this one. (via BHG)

12. Slice and Bake Shamrock Cookies: There’s nothing wrong with simple. The easier the recipe is, the more likely you are to find a way to make it for any holiday gathering. You can use these rolls of dough for any design that tickles your fancy. (via BHG)

13. Leprechaun Cupcakes: Then again, there’s nothing wrong with not being simple either. Have you ever made candy clay? Whelp, now you will. (via Hoosier Homemade)

14. Pastel Mint Chocolate Meltaway Creams: Did anyone else love these mints as a youngster? We can’t think of any better place for them than smack in the middle of a chocolate cookie. (via BHG)

15. Lucky You Mint Pie: We’d feel pretty lucky if this was sitting at our table. Go ahead, spread the luck. (Bake us this pie, please). (via Very Best Baking)

16. Kiwi Pops: Surprise! There’s fruit inside. Here’s an easy recipe to make you look super creative and totally all about the holiday cheer. (via Table Spoon)

17. Mint Chocolate Chip Shamrock Scones: Here’s a tasty dough that can be morphed into any shape for any occasion. Wake up with these scones for breakfast or make them sweeter for later in the day with lots of icing and toppings. The possibilities are endless. (via Created by Diane)

18. Green and White Popcorn and Pretzel Party Mix: We’re not sure how you’re supposed to make this without eating all of it in the process. If you’re successful, serve it in mixing bowls, tie it in plastic pouches or pour it into cupcake baking cups. (via The Yummy Life)

19. Shamrock Freezer Pops: Hope for sun for your celebration so you can make these pops to cool everyone down… and to stun them with your skills. (via Table Spoon)

20. Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Icing: Baileys? Of course. And here’s where the Guinness comes in. Can you make your desserts any more festive, inside and out? We think not. (via The Urban Baker)

21. Green Velvet Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream: We can’t resist getting in on the fun. Here’s a favorite from last year’s holiday fun. (via Brit + Co.)

22. White Chocolate and Creme de Menthe Shortbread: In our opinion, shortbread screams, “Serve me with something sweeter!’ Try these with a hot Irish coffee or shamrock-ed cocktail. (via BHG)

23. Skinny Shamrock Shake: Shamrock shakes! YES! Here’s a skinny variation to shake things up. Try it with low-fat vanilla yogurt or Greek yogurt for an even healthier twist. (via Made to be a Momma)

24. Lucky Leprechaun Hat S’mores: Here’s another fast and easy recipe that’s bound to please and keeps you looking über prepared. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

25. Lucky Charms Treats: Hearts, stars and horseshoes. How many of these magically delicious treats can you eat before you dropped? (via Brit + Co.)

Can you think of any other creative ways to bake the luck of the Irish into your tasty goodies? Share the wealth in the comments below!