Some folks wear kilts to show their St. Patrick’s Day spirit, while others don big-buckled shoes and red beards as a sign of Celtic pride. But here at Brit + Co., we celebrate the Irish holiday with nail art! And really, the traditional greens and golds of St. Paddy’s Day lend themselves to some seriously chic looks—shamrock embellished or not! Believe us: these 16 manis are the ones to flash as you raise your Guinness sky high. Sláinte!

1. Shamrock Tips and Glitter: What did we tell you—you can’t go wrong with green and gold! These shamrock tips look pretty darn cute sandwiched in between glittering green nails. (via So Nailicious)

2. Glitter Gold Contrast: Long live the contrast nail! We can’t decide what color polish to swoon over more: this near perfect shade of mint or the super luxe gold glitter. (via Glitter & Nails)

3. Clover Tips: Four leaf clovers aren’t just hard to find, they’re also way hard to paint perfectly on your digits! This nail art tutorial shows how to hack the look in the most amazing way. (via Square Polish)

4. Pot of Gold Nails: With a just a few basic nail art tools (and maybe a little luck), you can give yourself the most covetable St. Paddy’s mani around. We love how this blogger added glittering gold polish—gotta flash those goods! (via Swatch and Learn)

5. The Ultimate Glitter Mani: Take our advice: go grab a bottle of Deborah Lippman glitter nail polish this instant! The dreamy polish makes a seriously stunning speckled topcoat—no surprise we gave it the title of ultimate glitter mani! (via April Golightly)

6. Green Ombre Nails: Amp up the drama with emerald ombre nail art. The fade to black keeps things chic—we totally approve. (via Nail Art Pretties)

7. Shamrock and Gequins Nail Art: Here’s another dark green mani we’re dying to try this St. Patrick’s Day. The lighter-hued flecks (um, they’re called “glequins”) keep the look fresh, while the gold-on-gold outer nails are right on point. (via Chickettes)

8. Speckled St. Patrick’s Day Manicure: Once you see how easy it is to achieve this springy speckled look using polish with brushes made for nail art (read: with super thin tips), you might just cave and buy this entire 50-piece set, just like this blogger did. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! (via …love Maegan)

9. Green Ombre Stripe Nail Art: This ombre striped manicure is to die for! Layer on from the outside in for best results. (via Fundamentally Flawless)

10. Studded Shamrock: We’re loving this teal take on the traditional green shamrock. Way chic. Adding metallic studs takes it to cool new levels,too. (via The Nail Trail)

11. Starburst Sponge Nail Art: After you trick out your nails with jagged cut tape, spong on the polish of your choice to create this soft, yet insanely eye-catching mani. Hints of yellow and blue really make the green pop. (via Pshiiit)

12. Scalloped Nails: See how to perfect the scalloped nail look step by step with this tutorial. Rock ‘em in a green ombre for St. Patrick’s Day, then switch it up for spring with a trio of pastel polishes. (via Pretty Prudent)

13. Minty Polka Dots: We’re obsessed with this mint-on-mint mani that uses a slightly darker shade of green to create the prettiest polka dotted nails. This nail art would also look way cool using a matte base coat and high gloss dots. (via Pshiiit)

14. Mini Clover Nail Art: You won’t believe how easy it is to make this festive mani: just grab your nail dotting tool and nestle four circles side-by-side to create as many adorable mini-clovers as your nails allow. (via Chalkboard Nails)

15. Gold Rim Nail Art: See, you totally can have super glam nails for St. Patrick’s Day! Just add a base coat of gold polish to your digits and fill ‘em in with a rich green. (via Fab Fatale)

16. St. Patrick’s Day Plaid: Wimping out on wearing a kilt this holiday? This tartan nail art is the perfect compromise :) (via Steph’s Closet)

What manis are you wearing to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration? Tell us in the comments below.