Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party for kids or adults, there are two things you must have: the luck of the Irish and the color green. All the rest will follow. Here are 25 ideas for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party, from photo-booth props to decorations to sweet treats and drinks.

We all know by now that St. Patrick’s Day is an American cultural holiday. While the “holy day” commemorating St. Patrick is observed in Ireland, the “holiday” celebrating Irish-American heritage is of course a uniquely American event. And sorry to burst any more bubbles, but the Irish do not eat corned beef. Corned beef and cabbage is an Americanization of the Irish traditional meal bacon and cabbage. For an explanation of how Irish bacon differs from American bacon and other surprising facts, here are 19 *real* Irish traditions you will enjoy. (I, for one, would certainly like to try that beef and Guinness pie and goose-fat roasted potatoes.)

Sweet treats are one of the things about St. Paddy’s Day that most delight kids of all ages. Shamrock-shaped cookies or cupcakes with green icing, anyone? But the possibilities go well-beyond cookie sheets; so many yummy ingredients can be molded into clover-shaped delights. Take green tea ice cream. Why, thank you; I will. These 13 recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth on St. Paddy’s Day.

Got a hankering for a booze-infused drink? Sure, and don’t we all love a good green beer, but we can do you one better. Here are 12 green cocktails to fete St. Patty’s Day in style, and *hint* many involve mixers with Guinness. Just be sure to raise a glass to your friends with the proper good cheer — and make eye contact before you take the first sip, or endure bad sex for the next seven years. Yikes. ;)

Don’t stop now! We’ve got hundreds more ideas for St. Patrick’s Day.