Dark Chocolate Cake Bites Recipe

We’ve served up a few savory snacks perfect for New Year’s morning, but what about the main event? For sweets on the last night of 2012, we’ve got the best party trick in the house. Edible stars that look just like confetti. Amazing. Now grab some pound cake from the frozen section, a bag of black candy melts, and get to work!

 – chocolate pound cake (we used pre-sliced Sara Lee)

– edible glitter stars

– black candy melts

Though the ingredients for this are simple, you might want to hit up Amazon to make sure you find the stars + melts.

Cut your pound cake into squares or rectangles.

Lay them on a cookie rack over parchment paper.

Melt the candy melts in the microwave. Our preferred method is to microwave for 1 minute on half power (usually power level 5), stir, and then keep heating in 30 second intervals at the same level until you can easily stir the chocolate.

Pour the chocolate over your cake. Unlike cake pops, we keep the bottom of the cake in tact. The texture contrast adds a little something different to your dessert table (not to mention making things way simpler).

Now, add those stars! A small amount of sprinkles goes a long way. (Tip: If you’re wanting to serve pretty quickly, place the chocolates in the freezer to expedite hardening.)

Dark Chocolate Cake Bites Recipe

And you’re done! Serve on a platter or even over a scoop of ice cream, and you’ve got an easy and festive New Year’s treat.

Dark Chocolate Cake Bites Recipe
Dark Chocolate Cake Bites Recipe

What are you serving up this New Year’s? Talk to us in the comments below.