If you’ve never sipped a green tea you particularly loved or haven’t discovered the beauty of matcha yet, get ready to have your mind changed pronto. Over the weekend Starbucks released a brand new green tea drink that’s as healthy and indulgent as you could possibly want. Just in time to ward off what’s left of the winter blues, our favorite coffee chain is giving us the Citrus Green Tea Latte.

Teavana Emperors Clouds and Mist

Featuring the popular Teavana teas, like the original Emperor’s Clouds & Mist full leaf green tea, the Starbucks signature Green Tea Latte has been available since 2007. Typically made with whole or 2% milk and their blend of smooth and creamy matcha, the new citrus addition offers sweet, creamy lemon notes to balance out the lush green tea beverage.

Citrus Green Tea Latte Duo

While the traditional Green Tea Latte tastes like a green juice mixed with milk, the new addition – sweetened with citrus mint juice – is more like a smoothie. The citrusy lemon notes on top of the hand-frothed steamed milk only add to the indulgence of the drink, the smell so strong that it immediately makes you dream of sunnier climates.

It’s almost like drinking dessert in a cup, a bit of a contrast to the original. The perfect afternoon pick-me-up? We think so. But hurry fast, because this seasonal drink has a limited time offering.

Teavana Green Tea Tasting Mat

Once you’ve tried this one, use the Teavana Green Tea Tasting Mat to try some of the other varietals to find the one that’s true to your heart.

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(Photos via Starbucks Coffee Company)