With Starbucks’ new and delicious sunset menu hitting the scene — not to mention their Double Double Fudge Bar Frappuccino (yes, double DOUBLE) — they definitely are set to be our fave spot to pick up a drink and snack this summer. Even better, Starbucks wants to woo Microsoft Outlook users with an add-in that will give them some pretty cool (and totally useful) new features. For those who like to fuel their meetings with caffeine and snacks (and who doesn’t?!), it will now be easier than ever to coordinate your coffee dates and even send gift cards with a few clicks on your computer.


Announcing the move via Facebook (and quickly racking up hundreds of shares creating a buzz around the nifty news), they explain that the new Microsoft Outlook add-in (the funky little features in your toolbar) will give you the option of scheduling meetings at Starbucks, choosing the time and location that suits you best.


Once your meeting is done, you can send a gift card to show your appreciation – or you could send the gift card to whoever the heck you want. Also, for a limited time, if you send a Starbucks eGift Card using Outlook, you’re eligible to get a free $5 eGift Card in return.

Sweet! Introduced for PC users — and not available yet for Mac or Outlook mobile users — we’ll be interested to hear if you think this add-in is a hit or a miss.

Check out how it all works in this video from Outlook, and decide for yourself what you think!

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(Photos via Microsoft + Starbucks)