The holidays may be over, but there are still things to look forward to in life — even as you’re on your way back to the office after weeks of relaxing and eating Christmas cookies (Sigh.) Starting tomorrow, Starbucks will perk you up with a brand new beverage added to its permanent menu: the Latte Macchiato.

Latte Macchiato 1

Building on the success of last year’s Flat White, the drink is simple — just what we all need in the new year. It’s made with two ingredients: espresso and milk. “The new Latte Macchiato features steamed whole milk that is perfectly aerated and free-poured, creating dense foam reminiscent of meringue,” Starbucks says on its website. The magic lies in the slowly poured espresso shots that create a signature espresso dot at the top.

On the company’s “bold vs. creamy” espresso scale, the Latte Macchiato falls in the middle, after the bolder Caffe Americano and before the creamier Flat White. Count us in! And add an extra shot of espresso to get us through the post-holiday workweek.

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(Photos via Starbucks)