It鈥檚 FINALLY here! Pumpkin Spice season is upon us, which means it鈥檚 time to get your hands on all things PSL (yes, even deodorant!) and celebrate with your very first latte of the season鈥 or is it? It鈥檚 that very question that鈥檚 causing some massive confusion around the rollout of the highly anticipated beverage, causing pumpkin lovers around the country a MASSIVE headache.

Wednesday, the Seattle-based chain retweeted an announcement which proclaimed that the tasty beverage would be available on September 1.

Its own livestream footage Friday morning seemed to confirm the date, showcasing a pumpkin set up in a little barn (complete with its own cuckoo clock!), telling fans, 鈥淔or the first time ever seen by humans!! The magical arrival of the Pumpkin Spice Latte!! Don鈥檛 miss a moment!!鈥

As of Friday, September 1, some folks happily began posting their first PSLs of the season to Instagram as promised, with certain store locations putting up signs to announce the drink鈥檚 arrival. Other customers, however, were met with a slightly different response from employees. While we had no problems, a Business Insider reporter who tried to order the drink in NYC was initially told it was too early. After pointing out 鈥渁 sign that said the PSL launched on September 1,鈥 the store manager told her she could indeed have one. Not the smoothest transaction, to say the least.

She wasn鈥檛 alone: Many diehard fans were turned away by their local baristas who told them to return on Tuesday, September 5. Wait, what?!

With no official word from Starbucks according to Forbes, it looks like some folks may be SOL for the next few days, despite the fact that Patrick Johnson鈥檚 brand new Pumpkin Spice Latte tracker has officially declared the beverage in season.

In the meantime, we鈥檝e also reached out to a Starbucks rep and will update should we receive a timely response.

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(Photos via Starbucks)