Leggings are a must for spring, especially in SF. It’s almost the right season for wearing all those adorable cutoffs and summer mini skirts, but you’ve gotta pack a pair of leggings in your bag for those chilly nights. Well, who says leggings need to be boring and basic? Here are 5 ways to amp ’em up with hand-painted stencils and a few sizzlin’ style tricks.

 – leggings

– stencils (printable template here)

– fabric paint

– foam paintbrush

First, get your materials in order. We used stencils (available for printing here), fabric paint, and foam brushes.

For leggings, we gathered up a few pairs of black, gray, and navy. Now let’s get started!

1. 8-Bit Diamonds: This design was inspired by pixelated shapes.

Lay your stencil out on your leggings. Use a foam brush to paint into your design. Rotate the stencil and keep alternating for as much of the leggings as you like. We went with painting just the calf part of each leg.

In terms of styling, this one can go pretty fancy. We paired the leggings with black flat sandals and a boho black top.

2. Orange + Blue Arrows: This playful print is so fun! We love the alternating colors.

Lay your stencil out on your leggings and paint your first color. Lay out the stencil again and paint your second color. Repeat as much as you like. We went with one leg right below the knee.

Love this rocker style! (For ideas on how to make your own sexy denim cutoffs, head here.)

3. Tribal Triangles: Like the rest of the fashion world, we can’t get enough of those tribal prints.

Place your stencil on your leggings and paint each triangle a different color. Repeat all the way up the side of one leg. Of course, you can do both legs if you’re channeling your inner Adidas track-pant-wearer.

For this look, we went with patterns, patterns, and more patterns.

4. Go for the Neon!: Come on, you didn’t think we’d leave neon out of the party, did you?

Simply place your stencil on your leggings and paint in whichever colors you like. Continue painting over the stencil along the side of the legging, for the entire length.

How cute do these look with our studded Converse All-Stars?

5. All-American Chevron: We were feeling patriotic when making this pair, or maybe we were just inspired by an inverse version of the Chevron logo?

Place your stencil on your leggings and paint! We did a couple chevrons on the thigh and one on the calf to balance things out.

Pair with your favorite old school Adidas tee and sneaks.

Which of these playful looks is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.