One picture doesn’t always tell the whole story. And while we love Instagram for bite-sized slices of life as they’re happening, it can feel a little disjointed — an adorable puppy followed by a food photo followed by a hiking trail followed by a selfie followed by a shelfie… you get the picture. It’s meant to be a moment, not a story.

Storybyte is a free app designed to make photo sharing better. Available for iOS and Android, it makes it easy to turn the pictures on your phone into shareable stories. It’s what Storybyte creators call “Stupid Simple Story Creation.” The app will suggest sets of photos from your camera roll to group together into a “story” (think “album”), or you can select photos yourself. Add captions or let the pictures speak for themselves. You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to put the photos in the order that you feel tells it best.

Stories display well on a variety of devices – from a smart phone to a desktop. You swipe or click through full-screen images one at a time, from beginning to end. The experience is a bit like the digital version of flipping through a coffee table book.

Each story has a unique URL, which you can share on all your social sites or just send to a few friends. There’s also the option to keep a story private. Or you can share the beautiful user page (where your stories are automatically collected), and let your friends choose which stories they want to look at.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Storybyte’s five-person team is on a mission to “give stories life.” They want to help people get photos out of their camera roll and into a format that allows them to relate an experience or relive a memory.

So let’s say you posted a few random shots to your Instagram during your friend’s wedding. Afterward, you could use Storybyte to share pics of the whole event, from the flower girl’s entrance to the bouquet toss. We could also see using it for step-by-step guides to recipes or DIY tutorials. Nudge, nudge ;)

What kind of stories do your photos tell? Share your favorite photo app with us below!