If you haven鈥檛 yet seen the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things, first of all, whaaat? And second of all, head to Netflix right now (after reading this post I mean) for a serious binge. Stranger Things is amazing for so many reasons. It鈥檚 not only suspenseful and exciting, but it鈥檚 also perfectly cast with the sweetest child actors and is wonderfully nostalgic.

Given Stranger Things鈥 spookiness and 鈥80s-ness, come Halloween, it鈥檚 only natural that you and your gang dress up as the kids of Hawkins, Indiana. For the most part, this costume didn鈥檛 involve much DIY, but rather time spent in thrift stores. Though you may not find the exact artichoke graphic tee that Dustin wears, I feel that you can pull off these costumes just as well by simply getting the most 鈥80s-looking apparel you can find. It also helps that 鈥80s fashion is back and many retail stores have retro styles readily available. So basically, this group costume is the best and the easiest to pull off :)

Stranger Things Halloween Group Costume

Eleven Costume

Of all the outfits, I was most nervous about Eleven鈥檚 pink dress. I really lucked out finding this one at my local thrift store. I tucked a white collared shirt I found from the Brit + Co closet underneath.

Stranger Things Halloween Eleven Costume

The striped crew socks were from Uniqlo and visual designer Rosee brought her own sneakers and jean jacket. I tried putting a bald cap on Rosee, but instead of looking mysterious like Eleven, it just looked awkward. We decided to put a blonde wig on her and kept it looking messy and fake to perfectly encapsulate Eleven鈥檚 faux hair.

Stranger Things Halloween Eleven Costume Gif

Leggo my Eggo.

Stranger Things Eleven Halloween Costume


Mike Costume

Stranger Things Mike Halloween Costume

I got Mike鈥檚 vintage polo shirt and jacket at a thrift store. UI Designer/Engineer Scott brought his own jeans and sneakers. To convince people of Scott鈥檚 Mike-ness, I bought a Karnival Costumes Dark Bowl-Cut Wig ($18) from Amazon.

Stranger Things Mike Halloween Costume

Meet Mike Wheeler. He鈥檚 the type of person who would go to the Upside Down for his friend. Plus, he toasts the best Eggos ever.

Lucas Costume

Stranger Things Lucas Halloween Costume

I dressed VP of Strategy, Baldwin, in a vintage striped polo and a maroon jacket, both of which I found at a thrift store, and in a black backpack. Baldwin brought his own jeans, boots and modeling chops. I didn鈥檛 add Lucas鈥檚 camo headband this time, but you can easily find a scrap of camo fabric at any fabric store to tie around your forehead.

Stranger Things Lucas Halloween Costume

Meet Lucas Sinclair. He鈥檚 a skeptical but fiercely loyal friend. He also has great tree-climbing and binocular skills.

Dustin Costume

Stranger Things Dustin Halloween Costume

Dustin鈥檚 vintage t-shirt and jacket were awesome thrift store finds. I bought Editor Trevor a B-G Fashion Men鈥檚 Curly Wig and Mesh Trucker Hat ($7) on Amazon. Trevor brought his own sneakers and shoes. We struggled a little with creating Dustin鈥檚 missing teeth, but in the end, we stuck some black construction paper over Trevor鈥檚 front teeth. The construction paper lasted for the photoshoot, but for a long Halloween night, you may want to try something else. If you find a great way to black-out front teeth, let me know!

Stranger Things Dustin Halloween Costume

Meet Dustin. He鈥檚 known for his expert compass reading and sweet toothless grin.

Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume Gif

Stop fighting guys!!!

Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume

Friends don鈥檛 lie.

Barb and Nancy Costume

Oh, Barb鈥 she may be the most tragic character in Stranger Things. For the most part, it seemed like she only had Nancy looking out for her. Though flawed, Barb and Nancy鈥檚 friendship was super strong, and you can tell that they really cared for each other.

Stranger Things Barb and Nancy Halloween Costume

Barb Costume

Stranger Things Barb Halloween Costume

Amazingly, Barb鈥檚 costume was the trickiest to put together. I went to three different stores before finding these high-waisted jeans at Ross. I bought Barb鈥檚 ruffled pink button-down from a thrift store and a red Dreamworld Pixie Cut Wig ($15) and SSS Classic Retro Glasses ($13) from Amazon. Planner Micaela brought her own white sneakers and Barb-ness.

Stranger Things Barb Halloween Costume

鈥淣ance, seriously, you鈥檙e going to be so cool it鈥檚 ridiculous.鈥

Nancy Costume

Stranger Things Nancy Halloween Costume

Nancy has a lot of variation in her wardrobe, but for this costume, I decided to go with the outfit we see her wear to school in the first episode. I found Nancy鈥檚 striped sweater, skirt and white tights at Forever 21. I got the black flats from a thrift store. Beauty Editor Misty pinned back Associate Creative Director Roxy鈥檚 bangs and gave her rosy cheeks and berry lips to complete Nancy鈥檚 sweetheart look.

Stranger Things Nancy Halloween Costume

鈥淏arb? Barb?鈥

Stranger Things Halloween Costume

鈥淥oh, all my boys are here.鈥

Steve Harrington Costume

Stranger Things Steve Harrington Halloween Costume

At first, I was put off by Steve Harrington. I was like, 鈥淣ancy, he鈥檚 a tool!鈥 But as the show progressed, Steve grew on me more and more. For his costume, I just bought this blue crew-neck sweater from a thrift store. Our model Johnny brought his own jeans, sneakers and coiffed hair.

Stranger Things Steve Harrington and Nancy Halloween Costume

鈥淵ou鈥檙e an idiot, Steve Harrington.鈥 鈥淵ou鈥檙e beautiful, Nancy Wheeler.鈥

Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Hey, who鈥檚 the guy taking pictures of us?

Jonathan Costume

Stranger Things Jonathan Halloween Costume

For Jonathan鈥檚 broody look, I bought the same Forum Novelties聽Shag Wig ($17) from Amazon that I bought for Mike. Misty added oil to the wig and trimmed parts of it to make it look greasy and emo. I also bought a t-shirt and dark sherpa jacket from a thrift store. Channel Marketing Associate Sean brought his own sneakers and jeans.

Stranger Things Jonathan Halloween Costume

鈥淚 don鈥檛 like most people鈥︹

Stranger ThingsNancy and Jonathan Halloween Costume Gif

鈥淲ell I was just starting to think you were okay鈥︹

Stranger Things Halloween Costume

Team Steve or Team Jonathan?

Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume

Let鈥檚 get the whole gang together!

Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume

The demogorgon!!!

Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume Gif

Eggos on Eggos on Eggos.

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DIY Production + Styling: Irene Lee

Makeup: Misty Spinney and Micaela Friedman

Photography: Kurt Andre

Models: Rosee Canfield, Scott Gamble, Baldwin Cunningham, Trevor Tillman, Johnny Walker, Roxy Taghavian, Sean Griffis, and Micaela Friedman

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