If you still can’t get enough of throwback thriller series Stranger Things, we don’t blame ya. And as exciting as it is to hear that there’s going to be a season two, all you can do now is wait and perhaps exchange a mind-melting theory or two. To help ease the wait, celebrate your favorite Netflix series by throwing an epic Stranger Things party this Halloween. Invite your friends over to help with morale and indulge in various waffle-inspired snacks. Cue ’80s synth beats.


1. DIY Stranger Things Halloween Costumes: It’s only right that you, as the host/hostess, dress up in costume for your party. Whether you dress up as Mike, Eleven or any of the other Stranger Things characters, you won’t have to spend much to look the part. Thankfully, most of the characters’ ‘80s-inspired wardrobes can be found perusing your local thrift store or vintage flea market. (via Shrimp Salad Circus)


2. Christmas Lights Cupcakes: Light up your party with cupcakes inspired by the Christmas lights Joyce Byers puts up in her home. Drizzle a fine line of chocolate syrup around white frosting then add mini M&Ms for light bulbs. (via Baked Bree)


3. thisStrangeLoop Stranger Things “RIP BARB” Felt Banner ($30): If you, like many others, mourned Barb after her untimely death, say so with this felt banner. It’ll be perfect for your #ImWithBarb ‘grams.


4. Vintage Rotary Phone: You may not have a home phone now, but no worries. As long as you include a vintage rotary phone at your party, you’re good. Bonus points if you can actually get it to work! (via PC Liquidations)


5. FanThreads Stranger Things Ringer ($20+): Rep your Stranger Things love with this ringer t-shirt inspired by the series. You’ll totally still rock it long after the party ends.


6. ellums Stranger Things Printable Banner ($7): It’s understandable if you don’t want to ruin your walls by painting them. Instead, go with this printable banner that’ll save you the mess *and* time.


7. Maple 43 Cocktail: A Stranger Things party wouldn’t be complete without waffle-themed treats. Highlight Eleven’s favorite snack with this maple syrup bourbon cocktail, garnished with a mini toasted waffle. (via Food Fanatic)


8. LLPapergoods Stranger Things Halloween Party Invitation ($12): Have guests RSVP to these customizable party invitations inspired by the Stranger Things retro title sequence. Tell your guests to come in costumes to make the festivities more fun.


9. Ghostly Outdoor Draperies: Simulate the barren wasteland of the Upside Down with billowing, tattered draperies made of cheesecloth. This DIY item comes cheap, so you can decorate everything from your front porch to the living room and bathroom. (via HGTV)


10. Stranger Things Cupcakes: Bring the spooky series to life with mini cupcakes topped with iconic elements. Think: mini waffles, Christmas lights, Barb’s glasses and cigarettes. (via Imgur)


11. HunnyHolla Stranger Things “RUN” Word Garland Banner ($20): Hands down, one of the creepiest scenes was when Will told his mom to run (via Christmas lights) as the Demogorgon began to climb through her wall. Your guests will agree, especially when they see this banner at your party.


12. smilehood Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game ($80): Throughout the series, Mike, Dustin and Lucas make a number of Dungeons & Dragons references. If you’re curious to learn more, set aside some time to play the vintage board game with your pals at your party.


13. Sticker Brand Hole in the Wall Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker ($25): In one scene, Will’s mom Joyce hears him in the wall and attempts to break through with an axe. Replicate the damage done with this wall decal sticker that you can place virtually anywhere.


14. SnapGeofiltersDesign Stranger Things Snapchat Geofilter ($12): If you plan on snapping the night away, invest in a Stranger Things Snapchat Geofilter. Your guests will surely appreciate the personalized filter.


15. The Clash Combat Rock Vinyl ($19): One of the songs Will Byers can be heard singing is The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” Treat guests to an authentic ‘80s experience by playing the vinyl record at your party.


16. Crosley X UO Keepsake Wood Portable USB Vinyl Record Player ($169): If you’re planning on playing vinyl, this wooden record player should do the trick. Just make sure to work out the various knobs before your party for a seamless event.


17. Polaroid Sun660 Camera With Three Packs of Film ($230): Channel photography enthusiast Jonathan Byers by taking photos of your party with a vintage camera. Though the one he’s shown using in the show is a Pentax MX, a Polaroid may be more convenient for snapping pics and developing them as you go.


18. Will Byers Missing Poster: Whether you use it to send guests on a scavenger hunt or simply for decorative purposes, this “missing” poster is one to include at your party. If you’re hosting a scavenger hunt, just switch out the text below his stats to include clues. (via Tumblr)


19. Desket Stranger Things Mug ($15): Turn any drink into a spooky experience with this Stranger Things-inspired mug. Its classic design is one you’ll use long after the festivities end.


20. wfrancisdesign “The Hand” Throw Pillow ($27+): Reminiscent of the Demogorgon’s ability to climb through walls, this eerie 3D pillow is one to include at your party. The bet is your guests will obsess over it.


21. Eerie Forest Shadows Chandelier: Bring the eerie forest scene to life with a branch-like chandelier to cast shadows on your walls. It’ll leave guests feeling as uneasy as Nancy and Jonathan were in the woods. (via Pio Diaz)

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