If you’re ready to get out of the house and spend your days exploring your city, but you aren’t ready to spend all that money dining out, don’t get discouraged. Between the crazy cool picnic baskets that you can get to carry basically *everything* and the fun cooking gadgets to spruce up your culinary skills, a retro chic picnic is totally a thing now! Just one issue: You have to make sure to keep things simple and on the go when it comes to the recipes. Take these awesome picnic loaf recipes for example. They are super easy to make, and because everything is in a nice, little bite, it’s practically mess-free. Need more convincing? Keep scrolling for eight of the best stuffed picnic loaf recipes that are perfect for all your summer adventures.


1. Charcuterie and Pesto Picnic Loaf: Can you hear that? Yup, that is your stomach growling from just looking at this loaf. Combine any or all of these ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind sandwich just to your liking. (via The Simple Things)


2. Ham, Mozzarella and Basil Loaf: Talk about an irresistible trio! This flavorful loaf is sure to wow next time you bring it to your monthly #squadgoals picnic or weekend hike with your BFFs. (via Crush Magazine)

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3. Veggie Picnic Loaf: Colorful veggies FTW. These healthy and yummy ingredients make this dish *almost* too pretty to eat, but trust us, you will definitely want to. (via Food to Love)

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4. Muffuletta Picnic Loaf: New Orleans lovers, this one is for you! Packed with delicious meats, sun dried tomatoes and lots of cheese (YUM), this recipe is sure to keep your tummy and tastebuds happy. (via Not Quite Nigella)


5. Gourmet Stuffed Braai Loaf: Avid bakers and chefs, you have to try this recipe. This bite is all about starting from scratch — including creating delicious freshly baked bread and ending with a savory filling of tomatoes, peppers and cheese. (via Heinstirred)


6. Beetroot Stuffed Picnic Loaf: Looking for a dish that’s not only delicious, but also surprisingly pretty? Try this one ASAP. The bright purple color of the pickled beetroots makes you want to sink your teeth into this loaf, right after you snag a picture for Instagram, of course. (via Great British Chefs)

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7. Italian Picnic Loaf: Bring out your inner Italian with this deli lovers’ recipe. Since this loaf is all about your tastes and wants, you really can’t mess it up. The possibilities of what you include are *basically* endless. (via Katie Cakes)


8. Greek-Style Stuffed Cobb: Filled with Mediterranean flavors, this yummy meal is practically irresistible. Make this bad boy before heading out in the sun for a day at the beach. (via Taste)

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