We’re all leading such busy lifestyles these days, so who actually has time to run errands and shop for their daily essentials? No matter what you have scheduled, you can’t exactly skimp on things like fresh meals, keeping yourself groomed, and keeping your home clean (…or at least habitable). Thanks to the miracle of the internet, there are more and more subscription services out there that are way more essential than your monthly Birchbox. We know — perish the thought! But these services will deliver everything you need to stay happy and healthy without having to venture beyond your mousepad.

1. Quip ($25+ for starter pack): This viral toothbrush brand has become the internet’s go-to for keeping your pearly whites, well, white. Once you buy your $25 starter brush ($45 if you want a fancy silver, gold, black, or rose gold version), it’s only $5 every three months for replacement brush heads.

2. Dollar Shave Club ($1+ per month): Yes, you actually can get a razor for $1 (plus $2 shipping and handling). This service offers great, low-cost, unisex options for people who want a close shave every day. You can also choose how often your blades ship.

3. Billie ($9 per month): The dreaded Pink Tax is no more, thanks to this new service geared toward how women shave. A $9 monthly service includes a fancy-looking handle, five-blade razors encased in aloe, and a handy magnetic clip to attach to the shower wall — and away from mold and mildew.

4. Ritual ($30 per month): Many people don’t get their recommended daily dose of vitamins, so this company developed a vitamin regimen service designed for women’s bodies. Genius!

5. Target Subscriptions (price varies): Now you never have to run to the store when you’re out of shampoo, because Target can ship your favorite brand straight to your doorstep. Customers can pick and choose which items are delivered to their home, as frequently as they like.

6. Hint Water ($16 per box): Staying hydrated is easier than ever when delicious, flavored water shows up every month. Just choose how many boxes in whatever flavors you’d like, as often as you’d like, and they’ll find their way to your fridge in no time.

7. Farm Fresh to You ($26+ per box): This unique service is like a local CSA subscription. You can choose what kind of fresh produce you’d like sent directly to you, as frequently as once per week.

8. Daily Harvest ($7 per cup): If you’re obsessed with getting your morning smoothie but don’t have the patience for A) shopping for produce, or B) taking out your blender all the time, just opt for this service, which will send you a week’s worth of daily smoothies at a time.

9. Schmidts Naturals Deodorant ($9+ per month): Nothing cramps your style like running out of deodorant. Luckily, this all-natural brand has you covered by offering customers a subscription plan, plus a free gift with every shipment. They also have all-natural toothpaste and soap.

10. MeUndies ($14 per pair): Discover a new, fresh pair of underwear every month when you go to the mailbox. This service lets you build the underwear drawer of your dreams, featuring plenty of styles made with comfortable fabrics. You’ll definitely never go back to those plastic-bagged super packs you get at the store…

11. The Honest Company ($36+ per bundle): People with pets or young children will love this fully transparent company that specializes in bringing safe home products to your door. Their monthly mix-and-match essentials bundle is perfect for people who are always running out of cleaning products and toiletries.

12. Amazon Subscribe & Save (varies): Just like with Target Subscriptions, Amazon found a way to make your life super easy by letting customers “subscribe” to common household products, delivered as often as they wish.

13. Thrive Market ($60 per year for membership): People who have very specific diets, love organic foods, or are vegan or paleo will love shopping at Thrive Market. The company stocks tons of organic and specialty foods to keep up with people’s healthy lifestyles, and after a $60 yearly membership fee, members can enjoy organic groceries at marked-down prices — and it definitely beats going to the store.

14. Freshly ($50+ per week, 4 meals): Some people absolutely hate meal planning — luckily, this service will do it for you! Freshly, like Blue Apron or HelloFresh, sends you everything you need to cook several meals per week without the grocery shopping. Choose from a variety of plans to get as few as four and as many as 12 meals per week.

15. Blue Apron ($52+ per week): This company, which pretty much pioneered the idea of meal kits, is also a great option for couples or families who want to cut back on food waste. Choose between two and four meals per week for yourself and your partner, or even your entire family.

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