It’s always helpful to get a good book recommendation. Whether you’re looking for a light summer read to enjoy poolside or a deeply thoughtful and inspirational book to read before bed, the right pick can really set your day on the right track. And what’s one of the best ways to find your next page-tuner? Asking all your friends, of course! This Instagram account — @subwaybookreview — is doing just that, but with complete strangers. You can now find out what your fellow book-lovers on the NYC subway are reading and what they think of it.


When Uli Beutter Cohen moved to New York City from Germany, she noticed that many people read printed books rather than ebooks on the subway, and was equally amazed at the variety of titles. Based on the titles alone, she decided to stop judging the book and its reader by the cover and she started to interview readers whenever she was on the subway. The more reviews she collected, the more she realized how much the reader’s personal story is reflected in the books they choose. Based on that, Cohen decided to add a picture of the reader along with the review to add another element of personality.


The huge variety of stories that Cohen captures ranges from deeply moving to thoroughly entertaining. Whether you find your next great read or you just enjoy the personal stories, this Instagram account will definitely make you feel a little more connected and inspired to tackle that reading list you’ve made.


What books are you reading right now? We’d love to get some ideas! Share your recommended reads in the comments below.