We’re huge suckers for nostalgia, which is just one reason you’ll see us decked out in Lisa Frank and platform clogs this fall. So if you’re like us and you need a way to pass the time while you wait for that dang Spice Girls reunion to happen, bide your time with these (sometimes surprisingly) great summer ’16 music moments that felt like they were pulled straight out of a time capsule.

1. Britney Spears: Her highly touted VMAs performance might have been a little lukewarm, but this has been the summer of Britney we’ve been waiting for for almost 10 years. People in their 20’s and 30’s grew up with Britney and have watched her go through some tough times and a couple of comeback attempts in that time, but with the release of Glory, Britney is looking and sounding better than she has in years. She may never be the powerhouse she used to be — and that’s okay. We welcome the new, grown up Brit.

2. Blink 182: The thought of a new Blink-182 album after the departure of guitarist Tom DeLonge was nerve-wracking, but California was a super solid certified chart hit, giving the band a #1 album and us an excuse to dig out our old Roxy and Billabong clothes for the first time in 15 years.

3. Bad Boy Family Reunion: The days that Puff Daddy and Mase ruled the airwaves feels like a lifetime ago, meaning the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour with Puff, Mase, Lil Kim, Faith Evans and more will feel like a total flashback. This one might be your best bet for recalling those wistful young days of watching hours upon hours of MTV.

4. Garbage: For the ’90s alt kids among us, Garbage returned this year with more than just a nostalgic reunion tour — they released one of their strongest albums to date with Strange Little Birds. But if you’d rather just hear that song from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, fear not — they’ve been including that one in their live shows.

5. Good Charlotte: How is it possible that Good Charlotte is releasing really fun and surprisingly good pop-punk (emphasis on pop) in 2016? No one knows. But we like it.

6. 98 Degrees: If you’ve been mourning the lack of a Backstreet Boys tour this summer and an *NSync non-reunion is too much of a tease to bear, fear not! 98 Degrees, Ryan Cabrera, and reality show vets O Town are touring all your favorite other boy band hits to scream over.

7. The I Love the ’90s Tour: This one is basically all in the name. Don’t want to spend money on a million different concerts this summer and not too concerned with new music from old favorites? Then this is def the show for you and your pals. With a lineup that includes Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Coolio and more ’90s radio relics, this show is sure to play out like the mix CD you keep in your car for when you just need a retro dance party.

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(Featured photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)