For those of us who love picnics, camping, beach getaways and pretty much all that is happiness, the onset of summer is a BIG deal. To kick off your favorite season, celebrate by hosting a summer solstice party. With vibrant colors, floral crowns and mouth-watering boozy slushies coming together in this seasonal celebration, it’s no wonder why we all love summer. Scroll for 13 essentials to inspire your perfect summer solstice party!


1. Frozen Margarita Ice Pops: Stay cool during your summer soirée with these yummy frozen margarita ice pops. Use a blender to mix your favorite fruits, lime juice, sugar and a dash of tequila. Pour the mixture into plastic ice-pop bags and freeze overnight. Alternatively, if you don’t have ice-pop bags, turn them into popsicles with an ice mold and popsicle sticks! (via Sugar and Charm / Tablespoon)

summer solstice sign

2. Party Invites: Let your guests RSVP in style with these chic party invites. It’s up to you whether to buy or DIY them, but just make sure they include pretty floral details to capture those festive vibes. (via Very Sarie)

3. Rainbow Swirl Tie Dye: Whereas spring was all about pastel hues, summer is where the *big guns* of the color palette come out. Rock all the bright and bold shades of the rainbow with this tie dye DIY. Transform your tablecloth, cloth napkins or even your dress to match the summertime spirit of your party. (via Crafty Chica)


4. Butterfly Balloons: Never underestimate the power of balloons when it comes to sprucing up party decor. To achieve these simple but lovely look, use feather butterflies, balloons and hot glue. You can even attach a few butterflies to your ribbon for an added touch of whimsy. (via Design Improvised / Oriental Trading)


5. Chocolate-Dipped Spoons: Topped with pansies, crushed free-dried raspberries, hibiscus and light pink chocolate, these gorgeous chocolate-dipped spoons are the perfect complement to a dinner cappuccino or hot chocolate. Stick to these garnishes or choose your own edible toppings for a beautiful and tasty dessert. (via Sugar and Charm)

flower backdrop

6. Flower Garland Backdrop: We chose a mix of both real and faux flowers, but you can go with either to create this magical floral wall hanging. Key rings, fishing lines and plenty of florals are all it takes to bring this darling garland backdrop to life. (via Brit + Co)

floral ice cubes

7. Floral Ice Cubes: If you don’t already have decorative drink stirrers or fancy glasses, consider sprucing your drinks up with floral ice cubes. Pro tip: Before removing the frozen cubes, pour water over the tray to ensure the cubes stay intact! (via Brit + Co)

face paint

8. Face Paint: Turn up those festival vibes at your summer solstice party with a face painting station. Just lay out face paints and paint brushes, and watch as your friends deck themselves out in fab floral designs. (via Brit + Co)


9. Hanging Flower Ball: Customize your own DIY hanging flower ball to chic-ify your party decor. Choose fresh blooms for a fragrant bonus or faux florals to ensure longevity. Either way, they’ll make pretty whimsical flourishes to your garden party. (via Dream Green DIY / eHow)

ice cream social floral decor

10. Floral Ice Cream Cone: Swap out the standard vase for something more original, like ice cream cones. Both creative and cheap, they’re the smart way to up your party decor game without spending $$ on lavish furnishings. (via Handmaker of Things)

floral crown

11. Floral Crown: With this many floral decorations, we couldn’t forget about the classic floral crown. Surprise your friends with pre-made ones or turn it into a DIY project they can take home to remember the party by. (via Miranda Hattie Photography / Style Me Pretty)


12. Sun Print Leaf Art: Using leaves in your yard, whip up this beautiful sun print leaf garland. Pro tip: For the most beautiful prints, stick to leaves with intricate details, like ferns. (via Design Improvised / Oriental Trading)

sunshine tassels table

13. Sunshine Sign: There’s nothing more fitting for marking the onset of summer than a festive “sunshine” sign. Sprinkle in plenty of bright yellow accents and maybe a dash of gold glitter to make it clear what season’s being celebrated. (via Inspired by This)

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