It’s not just anySuper Bowl this year: It’s Super Bowl 50. To celebrate this momentous anniversary of America’s number one unofficial holiday, take your food game to the next level. Food vendors at Super Bowl venue Levi’s Stadium will be serving lucky football fans some gourmet grub, like lobster and truffle mac n’ cheese (we’ll give you a minute to imagine how delicious that is). Follow their lead and think less traditional Super Bowl appetizers, and more epicurean dinner party hits that guests can savor. Whether you’re attending a dinner party or hosting, these goodies are necessity-level additions.


1. Craft a Brew Hefeweizen Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Since watching football is practically synonymous with beer, there’s got to be some (or many) cold brews at your dinner party. Set aside the boring beer and give this tasty homemade brew a try. This hefeweizen kit comes with everything you need to whip up a batch of this yummy German beer.


2. Liber and Co. Real Grenadine ($7): Since not everyone who loves football loves to drink (some of us have early morning jobs we gotta get to, guys), this real-deal grenadine is a no-brainer addition to your festivities. Bonus: It’s perfect for Shirley Temples if you’re throwing a family-friendly bash.


3. Lillie’s Q. BBQ Sauce Trio ($24): BBQ and the Super Bowl go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your guests will think you’re a BBQ pro with this trio that has something for everyone’s taste preferences. The Carolina region sauces will be even more festive for Panthers fans. Broncos lovers, we won’t tell anyone.


4. For the Host Paddle Cutting Board and Utensil Set ($45): It’s a shame that there isn’t more pink involved in the Super Bowl. Subtly introduce this classically feminine color to the game by using this cutting board and utensil set to prepare some dinner party favorites.


5. Football Stadium Inflatable Salad Bar ($20): It’s playful and literally made for the occasion, so this inflatable salad bar is a must for any Super Bowl dinner party. The best part is that it’s reusable and will make you smile every February (and probably during the regular season too) for years to come.

6. Grow and Make DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($34): If you’re gonna have BBQ, you’ve gotta have hot sauce. Whether you shake some on pulled pork sliders or veggie tacos, something spicy to wash down with cold beer is a Super Bowl staple.


7. The Truck Food Cookbook by John T. Edge ($19): All of the recipes in this cookbook are delicious, easy and portable. It’s exactly the kind of impressive, crowd-friendly food you’ll want for Super Bowl Sunday.


8. Bacon Nation by Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama ($15): Bacon? Yes, please! While bacon is always delicious, Super Bowl Sunday is a day for indulging, thus making it the perfect excuse to add a little extra bacon to your life.


9. Fishs Eddy Cheer Up Tray ($10): If you’re serving appetizers, this tray is the best way to do it. As your guests slowly nibble away at your delicious food, the message on the bottom of the tray will eventually be revealed. And, hey, one team has to be the loser, so at some point there will definitely be some guests that need cheering up.


10. Big Mouth Inc Drink of Champions Mug ($10): If you’re up early to prep and cook, but can’t wait to start the Super Bowl fun, sip your coffee out of this mug to be filled with sporty vibes from the moment you wake up.


11. Grow and Make DIY Mustard Making Kit ($40): You’re already putting in a lot of effort to throw an amazing dinner party, so don’t let your sausages or sliders drown in regular old mustard. Pick up this kit and make your very own out-of-this-world mustard.


12. Crisp & Co. Pickles Variety Pack ($35): This set of three pickle varieties is ideal for Super Bowl-esque festivities — add them to hamburgers or put them out as yummy appetizers. It’s a win-win.


13. Hella Bitters Aromatic Bitters ($18): These beauties are made for at-home cocktail aficionados, so if you’re taking your celebrations in a fancier direction this year, these bitters are where it’s at. They’re perfect for adventurous cooking too.


14. Craft a Brew Irish Stout Brewing Kit ($45): There’s always plenty of bland beer, so sprinkle some homemade goodness among the more basic varieties with this at-home Irish stout brewing kit.


15. W and P Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29): Keep it real and rustic with this mason jar drink shaker. Super Bowl Sunday isn’t simply a time for gold and bling — it’s a time for some no-frills ‘Merican fun, and this shaker fits in perfectly.


16. Manready Mercatile Gentleman’s Glassware ($36): These babies are hand-dipped in a black polymer to give a melted wax feel and add extra durability. If you want to surprise your bae with a random gift before the big game, these are it, my friend.


17. White Whale Filthy Liar Gin Mixer ($11): Plain beer? No, thank you. This gin mixer is here to save the day and spice up your life — just add gin and you’re ready to rock and roll, delicious drink in hand.


18. Ficks Hangover Preventative Cocktail Fortifier ($13): The only bummer about Super Bowl Sunday is that it’s on a Sunday. Make sure you don’t hate yourself at work on Monday by adding just a few drops of this hangover preventative to your drinks on the big day.


19. American Design Club Coast to Coast Coasters ($32): No matter what conference your favorite team is from, they’re all represented with these cheeky Coast to Coast coasters. Your guests can even enjoy their drinks atop the coaster that reps their fave team’s location!


20. World’s Greatest Beer Coasters by Iskelter ($35): Beer, beer, beer and more beer: These are about as perfectly suited for the Super Bowl as it gets. Each coaster celebrates the glory of beer across the world in a unique way.

burrata and marsc

21. Mascarpone and Burrata Cheese Kit ($25): Cheese and crackers are the quintessential hours d’oeuvre loved by all. With this kit you can serve up a delicious snack with a delicious DIY spin. Winning!

caramel corn

22. Bourbon Bacon Caramel Corn ($10): This isn’t just any caramel corn: It’s bacon caramel corn. Who knew such a perfect salty and sweet snack combo existed? Wow your next crop of party guests with this whimsical treat.

cinn raisin bread

23. Cinnamon Raisin Bread Kit ($9): Make your own bread that’s so good, it’s practically cinnful (LOL, get it?). Serve it up crostini style next to some goat cheese or brie and apples for the perfect party snack.

GF pretzel set

24. Gluten-Free Pretzels ($36): Gluten free doesn’t have to mean missing out. This set of three delicious takes on pretzels — white and dark chocolate sprinkle and toffee — aren’t to be missed, regardless of gluten preference.

maya drinking chocolate

25. Spicy Maya Drinking Chocolate ($16): Why not drink your party snack? This delicious and slightly spicy treat is a great way to warm up your guests as they arrive at your viewing party after just being out in the winter cold.

mina sauce

26. Mina Harissa Sauce ($25): Basic sauces beware: Mina Harissa is in town. This set of three spicy sauces is great for everything from marinades to veggie dips.

mustard pack

27. Spicy Mustard ($28): Bread, pickles and mustard are a match made in heaven. This set of four mustard varieties is all the sauce you need to set up the perfect sample platter.

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